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Pegasus spyware targeted politicians, journalists & human rights activists

Software developed by Israeli surveillance company NSO has been used to spy on thousands of people across 50 countries, including heads of state, politicians and government officials, business executives, human rights activists and journalists. RT America’s Alex Mihailovich has the story. Investigative journalist Ben Swann and former UK MP George Galloway then join In Question to discuss the scandal.

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  • Aurinkohirvi

    Well for once they didn't have some Atlantic Council or CIA puppet as the counter opinion guest!
    George and Ben both have my respect.
    And Manila is my fav RT host.

  • Njoi Fontes

    Ben sometimes says the silliest things. Microsoft has actually been nothing more than a victim of the US Government. There is little they can do but abide by the US laws that forces them to cede information the government asks and forbids companies from divulging it.

  • E Walker

    The past week, month or so if the wrong comments are made in social media, especially YT, the comment section locks up so comments cannot be made.

  • Sam

    I can confirm that Microsoft didn't fix the issues. My files v were still deleted from my hard drive after I restored a copies from my offline backup in Linux.

  • Maui Bill

    Fascism creeps it's way into the society. Perhaps it's more like storm-trooping into our lives. This is why I have a flip phone. If Israel wants to hack into my camera, they'll get a good look at my ass. Ha ha.

  • Mico Hans

    And the west call out only huawei. Lol
    Maybe the chinese know what nso is and the link between them and US CIA and thats why they had created their own huawei.

  • Eric Smith

    Supposedly the Pegasus company was monitored by the state of Israel that dictatorships were not it's approved recipients.

  • Ed` Bland

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  • Gene Edmunds

    🇺🇸 NSO group from Isreal… paid for by CIA, NSA, MI6, MOSSAD! USA blames China Russia… but, it's the USA! Worse than the whole globe combine. USA killed koshogi.

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