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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

A Delta Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing after a passenger allegedly attempted to force their way into the cockpit.


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30 thoughts on “Passenger attempts to break into plane cockpit: Authorities”
  1. good stuff people. It's good to see people start to use their back bone finally. keep it up.

  2. How long before the US gets high speed trains to service the whole country’s travel needs ? Air space is overrated .

  3. so they never said WHY he was doing this? So why bother reporting the incident if you are not going to tell us why??

  4. Crazy, but still want to fly… an insane lot! Thanks to the CCP virus that has created a mental mess as much as a physical one!!

  5. tried to hog tie him????? get real..keep him down until he wears out and calms down..hiog tie could kill him..god damn..ppl demand complying like cops..obviously he is breaking down for whatever reason.. they should stop selling alcohol on planes..worked as gate agent and the drunks are hell

  6. Calm down folks or they will lock you in your homes again. This is why we can't have nice things 🙄

  7. These type of men have nowhere to channel their constant anger at the situation in which they find themselves. The uneducated live on emotions, not rational thought. These men need educating and understanding, it seems like it becomes all too much for men when their ego is so tightly enmeshed in a fantasy lie, they can’t admit being wrong, so they get aggressive. Flight attendant was right, de-escalate is the key, restrain if possible and land the plane safely. Did he say why he wanted to stop the plane? I wonder….

  8. He needs his ass whoop with a belt…..too damn many time had we let it slide….we definitely needs go back to old school…..ass whooping….yes, even for grown men too.

  9. Mental health facilities and treatment are s*** in America it's our biggest problem and they're not going to fix it

  10. There is an ever present entitlement-complex in SO many people these days. It's like regular good manners are now only for Church & visiting dying relatives!!



  12. I don’t want crazy people ruining my flight by taking away my drinks to deal with the anti-maskers…

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