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Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

It was a bad week for Kamala Harris, disrespecting fallen heroes, and making plans for a new socialist nation. Although you would never know it from the lack of coverage, we’ll fill you in on what you probably missed.

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Stream Superhit Rich X Search – Metaverse (StoneBridge VIP Mix)
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21 thoughts on “Kamala disrespects fallen heroes in holiday tweet”
  1. "I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn." – Albert Einstein / The climate science and meteorological communities, along with mainstream media and countless other agencies have long since completely sold out to the power structure. Countless individuals within these groups have committed themselves to what is nothing less than a total betrayal of populations around the globe and the entire web of life. The ongoing global climate engineering assault could not be more obvious or indisputable to anyone that does any objective investigation and has the courage to face reality. Yet, the so called "experts" continue to fortify the public denial of climate engineering by themselves adhering to the lie on the officially dictated blatant deception. Radio frequency signals leave a very clear and visible signature which is extremely recognizable. Radio frequency transmissions are utilized for manipulating weather systems, cloud formations, and jet stream patterns. The electrically conductive heavy metal nanoparticles (that are constantly being sprayed into our atmosphere by the geoengineers) are manipulated with the global grid of radio frequency transmitters controled by the weather makers. Square cloud formation are not the only indication of the climate engineering insanity, voids in cloud canopies are also a telltale sign of the ongoing manipulation. Nature does not make 90 degree corners in weather systems. The hazy wispy composition of many "clouds" are also a result of heavy atmospheric aerosol saturation. Unfortunately the vast majority of the population currently cannot distinguish between natural clouds and aerosolized artificial "cloud" cover. Global Dimming: A decrease in the amount of sunlight reaching the earth belived to be caused by pollution in the atmosphere. The Diming: Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary (Geoengineering Watch) / Patented processes of chemical nucleation for weather modification are a primary component of climate engineering programs. / Just Say No! /How do we end corruption? The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) released thousands of prevvious classified documents on unidentified flying objects (UFO). The documents were made available to the public on the Black Vault, an online archive of declassified government documents. What will happen next? / What Big Ag Doesn't Want You to Know: Small Farms Can Feed the World. According to a new peer-reviewed paper, "The Myth of a Food Crisis," corrupt philanthropic and academic sectors in agriculture and development perpetuate the lie that Big Ag is the only way to feed the world. By Jonathn Latham, PH. D. Japan plans to dump 1.2 Million Tons of contaminated Fukushima waste water into the Pacific Ocean. World Oceans in danger. SeaSpiracy a documentry on Netflix / Spanish F L U / Thrive / The CIA False Alien UFO Invasion Op Threat – June 2021 – The Dark Journalist ,.

  2. Mr Trump suggested to inject disinfectant to cure covid. Not too bad idea but not disinfectant instead is vaccines. China took one step further today. Inhale Vaccines no need injection. A faster way of prevention to achieve herd immunity. Kamala is talking about solar, well I think she just woke up.

  3. What the fuck? It sounds like he is reaching REALLY HARD. Must be trying to appeal to the Trumps base.

  4. Ban social media for these boneheads politicians.
    Use that valuable time to work for the country. Thats why they get paid, and thats why they wanted to be a politician , to serve the country and not
    tweeting non-sense and other idiotic messages.

  5. every time I shake someone's hand I do the same thing before and after. palms get sweaty, and the nastiest thing is giving someone a hand to shake that is moist.

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