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Palestinians Film War in Gaza: ‘So They Know We Existed’ | NYT

“I removed the password from my phone so that if we didn’t make it out, and we were killed, people would know what happened to us. So they know we existed.” Palestinians in Gaza used their phones to film the toll of the 11-day war in May between Israel and Hamas. They spoke to us about the trauma of violence under an indefinite blockade.

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  • Jim Rose

    As a Jew, I am ashamed of Israel. We were supposed to learn the lessons from WWII, not repeat them on the other side.

  • Stacey Palmer

    Wowww… some of us dont realize hiw blessed we really are… I thank God every day… my life hasnt been easy… however never experienced anything like this… God is merciful!

  • Mohammed Rifaz

    Many people say hamas has fired missiles. But, they don't even know. How brutally Israel is occupying the lands of Palestine. Then what this people will do instead of resisting? While they have only 5 to 7% of thier motherland remaining. How many people from family/friends these Palestinians need to loose again?

  • Benjamin Atwater

    How can the world’s most prominent newspaper put out a video on the conflict in Gaza and not even once mention Hamas by name, nor it’s role in instigating this round of violence with its rampant rocket attacks? Great reporting guys… seems you’re just as much part of the anti-Israel machine that’s fooling all these people in the comments section to view this conflict as evil Israel innocent Palestine when the reality is far from that

  • Mohsin Zaidi

    Israel is guilty of war crimes but the US still supports them. I guess all war criminals stick together.

    From the River to the Sea Palestine will be Free! 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

  • Fangyu Su

    🇮🇱 should be sanctioned for this aggressive “defense”. Israel just don’t regard the people in Gaza as human.

  • Marcus D

    Maybe the Hamas government shouldn’t have put their army outposts under residential houses. That would have probably saved lives

  • 1TitanGirl

    I've always wondered what would happen if I woke up and suddenly my country was being invaded by war.. And I HATE that I can't picture it. I hate it because it reminds me that the best I can do is send money to places like Doctor's Without Borders or share a video.

  • Kurt Griffin

    I feel bad for the average Palestinian citizens put in this position by the terrorists Hamas but that being said you left out the part where before this happened rockets were exploding in downtown Jerusalem and Israelis were going through the same thing NYT

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