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Biden accuses social media platforms of "killing people" through COVID-19 misinformation

President Biden accused Facebook and other social media companies of “killing people” by allowing the spread of COVID-19 misinformation online. Lilia Luciano reports.

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  • Liv Free

    The old man is unhinged… Biden has completely lost it.. he’s saying extremely divisive things over the push for Americans to take an experimental injection that many are getting injured by!!

  • adam peters

    Fauci is the highest paid person in the feds . He has to sale this to keep his spot . We must continue to voice ourself regardless of the censor ship . The highest law of the land protects this . Let's do our job to enforce this and keep the the people that hunger for power and controle starving for there desire . Do not feed them . Not one inch . Not one drip nor drop . This is not up for debate . Don't fall for there scams . Every law they pass that claims to protects always takes more then it gives . They don't give a flying fk about you . Never forget that. Protect you and your family from these maniacs.

  • stormchaser807

    Maybe if you stop trying to sell the vaccine like a used car salesman or people would be willing to listen and if they are not you need to bring back the mask mandate

  • stormchaser807

    Don't blame them social media you have to blame the government as well because you are not telling people that the fully vaccinated are highly at risk as well and you are downplaying the severity of this variant. I voted for this president but I do not agree with the lack of information that they are giving out

  • stormchaser807

    It's also the fully vaccinated that are suffering so they need to stop saying that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

  • john os

    People make choices. 480,000 die in US each year from smoking, 95,000 from alcohol related deaths. These are the BIG factors that are killing people from poor choices. A few thousand from no vaccinations is minor. People are responsible for their choices, government needs to accept that.

  • SharpNote14

    Apparently there is a desire to promote the Covid-19 killing of people. Trump is simply the worst thing to ever happen to the country. To make medical care political is so terrible.

  • June DiMond

    Misinformation!!!! Wow !
    Maybe should stop press conferences then !
    One day it’s this. Next it’s the opposite… seems misinformation to me. ( just saying- because I can !)

  • Kevin Henry

    HA! HA! We are winning, and if we have to go to word of mouth, we will not take your experimental shots. WHY is it not FUULY APPROVED and WHY are the makers of these shots not being held liable for any injury or death caused from taking the jabs. LIES, LIES and more LIES.

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