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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

On the show this week, Chris Hedges discusses the disputes between the Palestinians and Israelis with Palestinian political activist, Dr. Sami Al-Arian.
Hedges argues that nearly all the words and phrases used by the Democrats, Republicans and the talking heads on the media to describe the unrest inside Israel and the heaviest Israeli assault against the Palestinians since the 2014 attacks on Gaza, which lasted 51 days and killed more than 2,200 Palestinians, including 551 children, are a lie.

Israel, by employing its military machine against an occupied population that does not have mechanized units, an air force, navy, drones, missiles, heavy artillery and command-and-control, not to mention a U.S. commitment in 2018 to provide a $38 billion defense aid package for Israel over the next decade, is not exercising “the right to defend itself.” It is carrying out mass murder. It is a war crime.

Israel has made it clear they are ready to destroy and kill as wantonly now as they were in 2014. Israel’s defense minister Benny Gantz, who was the chief of staff during the murderous assault on Gaza in 2014, has vowed that if Hamas, in his words, “does not stop the violence, the strike of 2021 will be harder and more painful than that of 2014.”

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10 thoughts on “Palestinian and Israeli hostilities”
  1. Good show, but it always amazes me how the U.S. ruling class gets framed (and taken off the hook) as being controlled by Israel and the "powerful, rich Jewish and extremist (bad) Christian supporters of Israel" located here in the USA (or Europe, etc.) In other words, the enlightened US ruling class, and the European/NATO ruling classes don't want to oppress the Palestinians (or exploit the peoples and riches of Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Viet Nam — the whole of the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America, etc.), they are "forced" to please the bad Israeli's, or they must fight the bad terrorists, communists, etc. That's false framing based on a false reality. No, they never have been or will be an objective third party caught in the middle. They put their money where their interests lie, and they get to look like the "lesser evil" (or at least the better) guys once again.

  2. That's exactly what I meant been saying America should take a firm stand towards Israel otherwise this would never stop its gonna go on for ever and its all America's fault

  3. In case anyone hasn't noticed, Israel are pretty good at collapsing high rise buildings. I bet Osama Bin Laden couldn't do it that well!

  4. Two opposing groups of religious fanatics, fighting for power rather than peace. It will never end until these religious beliefs are thrown in the trash bin by more enlightened leaders.

  5. Sami Al Arian, ask yourself first how the civilians are targeted? Palestinians `biggest enemy is not Israel it is Hamas. stop repeating old histories now,` We heard it since 80''s. No strategy no peace so simple it is. Look why is Hamas escalating pregnant women children and elderly people as weapons of war to attract the world? Answer this question.““`why Hamas launched rockets to Israel from the middle of civilian residences?


  7. Muslims are pissed Joe Biden didn't come for their aid.
    Remember, In America there is no FREE LUNCH

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