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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

The problem with Advanced Placement classes and how they are destroying the lives of high school students.

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Op-Ed: Advanced Pressure


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30 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Advanced Pressure | The New York Times”
  1. Advanced Placement courses are designed so that students are able to get a grasp at what college courses are like, but these courses are in fact doing more harm than good. Students are forgetting the purpose of these courses, but instead pushing themselves so much that they are in pain. Some students don’t get the adequate amount of sleep on should on a daily basis, which hinders their REM cycle, which can have adverse effects in both the short and long run.

    High school students are also missing out on actually learning the material. Since the couse is designed to test students at the end of the school year, they are forced to move at a faster rate to cover all material and end up trying to keep up with class that they forget to take the time to absorb the material. Often the mindset is to retain as much as possible until the exam and forget it immediately afterwards. This hinders their learning as they go into college, they forget the material that is supposed to guide them to their next level courses.

  2. A big part of the problem is that normal high school classes are not rigorous enough. If we had harder standard classes, then colleges would know that students are prepared for college without the need for AP, but instead with grade inflation everyone has a 4.0 and kids need to take tons of APs to differentiate themselves.

  3. I have taken 6 APs from freshman year to junior year and I am taking 7 ap next year for my senior year. I can honestly say I hate them and haven’t been learning anything just memorizing to pass the class as a GPA boost, after I have finished a class I don’t retain any info and just focus on the next set of AP classes for the next year. This system should be done away with it is such a scam, also how can college board call themselves non profit when they make millions each year!!! It’s a scam standardize tests are a scam AP tests are a scam the college application process is a scam everything even college is a scam I’m tired of this!! They take advantage of everyone!! Standardized and AP testing are the biggest scam, people from low income families have less resources at hand as well (I am from a low income family and see my rich friends with tutors and books that I do not get to have ) this is so unfair!! Standardized and AP test Unlevel the playing field even more. COLLEGE SHOULD BE FREE wtf how do we have all this money and can’t make education accesible to everyone. I honestly only take AP s to have a batter shot at college and to get in but I hate them and I should be wanting to kms everyday because of them.

  4. I did quite a few AP courses in high school during the late 80's. It was truly college prep work. We prepped the actual exam at the end of the second semester. And you never bought prep materials. But as a college professor, I find that the AP actually teaches a mode of learning that is antithetical to the various disciplines. So, for instance, my colleagues in History reported to me that incoming freshmen with 5's in the AP's often were just really good regurgitators but couldn't think critically. Math profs found the same to be true–just good at algorithmic calculation, not theory. As an English prof, I couldn't say much. My school was elite and all the students came in with AP English.

  5. Sounds stupid to me. The whole schooling system that pumps "knowledge" in children that they'll never use. Follow your passion is not a cliche.

  6. My advice is to take the Honors/Advanced Placement in the areas you are interested in and the irrelevant ones just do the regular classes.
    For instance, an engineering major does not need AP English or a political science major does not need AP Chemistry or an accounting major does not need AP French.

  7. literally wtf?! When I heard the girl say that they had to sign contracts aBt not dropping the AP, I lost it

  8. Me: Took 2 AP classes sophomore year (AP World and Chem), got a 5 on both
    Took 3 more AP classes in Junior year (Lang, APUSH, and Physics I), got an average score of 4
    Now I'm taking 5 AP classes (Lit, Calc, Gov, Bio, Environmental science) plus honors French IV (would have been 6 AP classes, but school decided not to do AP french)


    I hate myself.

    Thank you for listening to my TED Talk, I'm going to go back to smashing my head into my textbooks before healing myself with calculus.

  9. Do dual enrollment if your district allows it because and you get three credits per class at no cost! It'll save you thousands and will jumpstart your college career!

  10. Ngl, AP Classes are about 8 hours worth of barron's book reading if you want a 5.
    If you want to actually learn, that depends on your teacher, but if you're trying to get a 5, they're a non issue.
    If you're trying to boost your GPA? That's the teachers problem, not the course itself. The content is more than manageable. Collegeboard doesn't decide if your teacher will be the variety of clown that slams you with HW…

  11. This is the problem with the education system, students are focused on their grades and not with the intake of learning. We have to get through a certain unit within a time range. It honestly sucks, I find myself learning better when I take my time 😕.

  12. Colleges: We're going to offer you college credit. Sometimes. We can't have you skipping a whole year, because then we wouldn't get that tuition.
    Collegeboard: You're going to get college credit. Don't worry. Wait, end AP? But $80-90 per test.
    We're nonprofit guys.

  13. I'm in 2 AP's (AP Physics and AP World), and in the Swim Team and Soccer Team. I had a 3.9 GPA and honestly, it is hard, but not AS hard as other people (this video) say

  14. My IB classes had a page of depression/suicide hotline numbers in the back of each syllabus. the classes were so stressful, they thought it'd drive kids to that point.

  15. I chose AP Lit because I loved to read and analyze writing. I love to read. I took AP Macro, AP Calc, and AP Chem because I wanted to boost my GPA… It instead made it fall. What I took from this experiance is that if my kid EVER wants to take an AP course, I will only allow 2 that they enjoy.

  16. STOP complaining about AP! Can’t handle it? Don’t choose it! It is ur responsibility to choose a class that is fit for you!!!

  17. I took 5.5 AP classes my senior year. Literature, Calc BC, Physics 1, Pyschology, Biology, and US Government. I played varsity soccer in the fall and varsity tennis in the spring. I managed to get at least a 4 in all of my AP tests, be in student council, be a member of NHS, and still have a social life. I had a lot on my plate, but miraculously, I still managed to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night, and I stayed stress-free virtually the entire year. My secret? Don’t procrastinate, get ahead, and stay positive. It will be hard, but always think to yourself that it will all be worth it in the long run.

  18. Taking an ap class in a subject you don’t like/aren’t good at is the recipe for disaster. The exams force quality learning and all depend on the teachers you get

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