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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

The Theranos founder faces up to 20 years in prison after being convicted by a jury on four of 11 counts of criminal fraud.

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21 thoughts on “Elizabeth Holmes found guilty on 4 charges l GMA”
  1. “ Conscientious men and women” wrong! How can you say that she defrauded investors with a bogus product when customers also exchanged money for bogus services which had to add a detriment of providing false results with severe life consequences?

  2. She had credible scientists lied to and fired them and demanded they cover up the truth!! She’s a total fraud , one scientist killed him self and she prances around burning man in costumes with her privileged boy friend from rich family!! She was a total FRAUD. She also lied to patients too!!

  3. It’s amazing how greed can overcome common sense in people. A nineteen year old college dropout without prior medical experience comes up with a revolutionary blood testing unit that’s smaller than a suitcase to do testing that took a whole laboratory to do. It’s like a fraudster selling the “Brooklyn Bridge” to rich stupid people. She was the typical “Snake Oil Saleswomen”. The “Snake Oil” was sold as being able to cure every illness. The “Snake Oil” would taste terrible, but it contained a small amount of narcotic. The foul taste conformed to the buyer’s perception that medicine should taste bad, and the narcotic dulled his pain; so therefore it must be working. She assembled small units that had known blood testing devices installed that worked to a small degree, but they were not very accurate or were repeatable in their results. She used old white men with name recognition without any technical background to push her “Snake Oil” blood test units. She kept her technical staff isolated from each other, so no one could see the big picture; they just worked on small parts to assemble or program the device.

  4. 3-10 years out of a possible 80??? If she wasn't white and blonde, they'd be given close to 80. What about all the employees, patients, and investors lives she screwed over? 30+ years minimum, forcing her to miss the important years of her child's life. What makes Holmes more special than others? NOTHING!!!! MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF HER!

  5. THE MERCENARY Brutal Bloody Head crushing Martial Arts action by former French Foreign Legion 2 REP SNIPER now on amazon prime

  6. Now she can finally drop the stupid voice box act. What a total idiot her husband, to get involved in this sociopath.

  7. This repulsive excuse for a human being is finally convicted of fraud (after stealing tens of billions of dollars from honest, hard working Americans for years) and we all know she will simply be fined 20 or 30 million dollars and go back to live in one of her mansions… American justice for those that can afford a team of lawyers billing 10 thousand dollars an hour.

  8. Here is something that is beneficial from this ugly mess EH created. Many people consider Jury Duty a hindrance, this sparks a fire (sort of) and lets people know the "civic responsibility" of jury duty is really important.

  9. Dude Looks Like A Lady!! The heck with the fraud just another crook I think what we do have though is a dude looking like a lady

  10. Since it's already a know fact, media, government and law enforcement never goes after wealthy criminals unless other wealthy criminals want that. Otherwise they'd all be prosecuted..

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