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Wednesday, May 25News That Matters

NO… ALL MIGHT… / My Hero Academia Chapter 311 Spoilers

I’m not saying panic, but…

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NO… ALL MIGHT… – My Hero Academia Chapter 311 Spoilers – All Might – Death – Deku – Izuku Midoriya – Bakugo – All for One – One For all

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  • Daniel Salazar

    AM remembering Nighteye's vision……. He is dying sooner rather than later. I think he is getting captured.

  • xuanqi Lim

    Is this the part where all nights ends up in a hospital and then he got eri to rewind him back to his prime and he fights afo then officially dies by shigaraki?

  • 117blingbling

    There is no way he is dead, that car looks like a Batmobile, I'm sure it can tank a grenade.
    No way a quirkless All Might would run around a chaotic city at night with a mere car.

  • Fati Musulmana

    I think that she is with overhaul not all for one and that overhaul wants to contact midoriya for some reason. I don't think that Deku will meet All for one this soon, so it may be overhaul.

  • joseph Hall

    It is more likely that Hawks set up this bomb as a fake death to get the cross hairs off of All Might and directly on One for all. All Might was a wild card and trying to o protect two targets at the same time would give advantage to the enemy. Divide and conquer.

    Hawks eliminated that weakness by removing a target.

    It also explains why All Might was there. He brings nothing to the table and becomes a hindrance. But having him tag along then blow him up in front of the enemy makes it a appear that a hater decided to kill him. Chaos going on with the people taking the law in their hands.

    Now I wouldn't be shocked if Stain appears very soon. He was tied into both and this could end up a redemption for him.

  • Trashercraft

    Imagine the nameless villain is from Momo's family cuz a creation quirk us not something that you see everyday, plus if it is she would probably have to know what shes making shes like Momo so who knows

  • 19mar2007 shazin

    Hey I gust realized that MHA and real life is corned of the same.(hero's are the heoman and villens are covid-19) it's corned of sad 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

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