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Newt Gingrich claims Kamala Harris is more 'out of touch' than Biden

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich weigh in on voting measures on ‘Hannity.’ #FoxNews #Hannity

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  • Snagglepuss03756

    One more time Shaun… we are a Constitutional Republic, NOT a Democracy. Please ask all at Fox to correct their reports accordingly.

  • KoalaFication

    americans will watch it happen in front of their eyes and still won't do anything about it while they just sit back and keep saying "jesus" coming back

  • Brandon

    All Democrats do is scream racism and bigotry. They have proven failed policies and don't care for Americans lives as long as they get what they want

  • Jim Parker

    I voted for Donald Trump twice, and I still call the local store Kinkos. I know it's really called Fedex, but in my mind it's Kinkos. You get copies there.
    C'mon. Harris is a cupcake, I get it but let's stay on message and let the public decide if Harris and Biden are a joke–which they are.

  • Stormz0r

    I dont agree with Kamel Toe and Sleepyjoe but the whole kinkos thing is a bit of a stretch tbh. Who actually uses kinkos anymore? Most people have printers and scanners at home unless you need something big which most people dont and rich people like Kamel Toe dont go to kinkos on their own they pay someone else to do it. A lot of rich people dont even know how to use a computer.

  • Slew Mayhew

    It doesn't stop there with her being out of touch with the rural communities and businesses that were closed over a decade ago. She and biden are out of touch with each other. I have written many times about harris's statements last year that she wouldn't get the vaccine if Trump had anything to do with it. Who was the first in line – she and biden. Now they are the enforcers of vaccines and biden cautioned about "rushing the vaccine" as he so stated. Of course, when I wrote my comments youtube took down or closed the comments.

  • OA

    "This is a woman totally out of touch with reality"
    How very true.
    The entire White House Administration is out of touch with reality.

  • GTRPWRr32

    hey guys has anyone bothered to say hey its ok your in DC just jump on the video cal through your phones and lets do the job you were employed to do.
    is that not a good way to stop them from running away use the tech they use to trace and spy on the world on them. just make them do video calls into the confrence and boom no more running away what excuse could they use

  • julia johanning

    whoever is helping with this insanity with the current government how do you sleep at night? do you actually feel that what is going on in
    our cities with rise in crime and violence is the way to live? look around you do you feel safe? oh i forgot you can afford private bodyguards.
    and secret service people. my bad.

  • Max Mustermann

    Priceless : if you accuse Bill Clinton for a consentual blow job but days later you have to quit politics for an extramarital affair 😂😂😂😂😂
    GJ Newt 👌

  • TD Riehm

    mankind who puts their faith in their own and dismisses GOD well, here we go again. Thank GOD for not another flood but what is next…smh.

  • julia johanning

    can we recall biden and harris? doesnt anyone out there see and hear what biden and harris and their ilk are doing to this country? come people get real!!!!

  • fittutube

    Anyone who doesn't agree with the puppeteering oligarchs poison, is the greatest threat to earth since the dinosaur comet.

  • Brother Barton

    Hey Christians, do your thoughts have God in them? If you truly are a follower of Christ, living and abiding IN Christ, then your heart and mind reflect that right? Because you are willingly choosing ALL aspects of your life be ruled by Christ? The darkness, your poor investments that you refuse to give up are what you would value more than God. Think of it as you using your very limited interpretation of yourself, your brother, and the world to justify your desires for false idols. Where your heart lies, there your treasure lies also. Littleness or magnitude are yours but not both. Where one lies the other is absent. You will always choose one at the expense of the other.

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