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Air Force Colonel calls Putin 'more competent & restrained' than US

NATO has just concluded “Operation Sea Breeze,” calculated to intimidate Russia into changing its posture toward neighboring Ukraine. Taking place in the Black Sea at the height of Russian beach season, it involved 32 countries from six continents, 5,000 troops, 32 warships and numerous aircraft, and more. Former US Air Force Lt. Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski and geopolitical strategist John Sitilides of Trilogy Advisors share their expertise.

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  • Hadi Lee

    They lost in so many wars, the last one in Afghanistan. Yet challenging Russia and China at the same time? Poor judgement.

  • Susdey Sun

    A small error could start WW3. If 1 NATO missile (from navy ships) went wrong way but toward Russia, and killed Russians. Surely, Russian submarines, battleships and anti ship missiles will fire back. This time no one can stop a full scale of war.

  • Tech

    NATO and America is a Great Actor of the Earth.. who the hell are you ta say, that Crimea is not a Russian Border? Does USSR did not even recognized Crimea before? you're making more headaches damn NATO Moving to the East. the world will be at war sooner by this.

  • Sainik Sangh

    Excellent I am impressed by frank and mature commentary by lt Col Karen a professional officer indeed. She is so apt in her assessment of Putin.Competent and restrained .

  • Steven Low

    Actually who is nato it is not a interfear into russia affairs ,dont forget this state were part of russian before,nato is western paid mecenaries set up by u.s to interfear into europe n middle east conflicts only benefitting u.s military manufacturer ,didu not know when trump was president forcing european to pay more contribution n say u.s is subsidising/contributing more to nato n expect everyone to do the same can u european see the damn scandal,turkey wasnt happy about it n the f35 jv program with u.s that it to got play out.n got a black hand to involved to overthrow edrogan govt.piss by u.a turkey whe purchase russian s400 missal.same thing on the saudi with internal affairs fr u.s journalist adnan khorsoggie that why he was killid by saudi being a traitor for u.s,i can go on look at iraq,syria,afganistan,palestain.n the paid/trained taliban mecernaries.menancing itself inside the middle east,nato with u.s shit,is doing no good in this country now nato want to come to s.e.a.n act like a military regime putting yr wts into asia.pls go to hell n die in europeor the middleeast n rec ur karma.

  • Daniel Henry Thomas

    Democracy is always best… except, of course, if the people of Crimea democratically choose to join Russia, willingly, decisively, by a vast majority, then the most democratic institution in the world, NATO, must duly act to protect the people of Crimea from such awful kind of wrong democracy, for their own good !!!

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