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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Nepal managed to escape the first Covid wave without any serious damage.

But the second coronavirus wave has been devastating. Daily infections hovered at around 150 at the beginning of April but in a month the figure has passed 9,000. More than 4,000 people have died.

Nepali health officials say the current daily positivity rate is nearly 50%, meaning that one in two people are testing positive for Covid.

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25 thoughts on “Nepal has highest Covid transmission rate in world – BBC News”
  1. In Nepal whilst there is blanket prohibition on entry to the country apparently Everest is still being climbed. The fees payable by Everest climbers are huge, and you’d think this money could be used to support youth initiatives in the country.
    Whether allowing these OCD characters to continue their ridiculous activity is contributing to high figures for so called COVID-19 infection is not an easy matter for comment,
    Suffice it to say these tourists, the only ones permitted to enter the country are going down with virus infection in their droves. Positive test results at base camp has occurred in over 100 cases!!!! One wonders why these people, among the physically fittest people on the planet weren’t tested on arrival at Lukla instead of waiting till they got to base camp ! One senses the influence of the country’s most affluent (American owned) business the helicopter sector.

  2. We need to help!
    Sign petitions, write to your local MPs, donate (to trusted organisations- yeah it can be hard to truth) but regardless, we should not stop talking about this. We must raise awareness!

  3. Praying for the world 🌍🌎🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 especially for the Nurses & Drs to give the strength it’s extremely hard for them.

  4. This happens when prime minister and President is more concerned about elections than about vaccines.

  5. the effective vaccination companies should share their ducking formulations . Media should put pressure or else the underdeveloped countries will be dying.

  6. Liquid oxygen? In America if they give you oxygen you will die 90% of the people in America who have been put on a ventilation system supplied with oxygen have died I can’t believe none of you have looked up this research Joe Rogan has already brought it up many many times

  7. No!
    Deaths are not underreported in India
    Instead all of the deaths are considered as corona deaths even if a person has died without covid-19

  8. Government are looking forward elections not Vaccination.
    People are careless too.
    May god bless us.

  9. コロナ能 戦前の朝日新聞大本営発表同等 また日本だけ暗黒に突き進む。真実をヒックリ返してるマスゴミの正体

  10. An independent thorough investigation is very important as most of the reporting is not on ground based research but conjectures through news and other sources. A mechanism has to be set up to look minutely at the problem in order to decide precisely where the aid is needed. The aid agencies seek aid and through past experiences the aid does not reach the needy or rather lay waste in some store.

  11. Pray for my country Nepal
    Stay safe everyone
    Only political leaders should get covid they are busy with upcoming elections they don’t care about people .

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