#AustinMcBroom From The #AceFamily Claps Back At #BryceHall’s Claims Of Being Pushed & Talks Press Conference Fight With His Brother #LandonMcBroom At BOA Steakhouse 5.18.21 – TheHollywoodFix

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28 thoughts on “Austin McBroom Claps Back At Bryce Hall's Claims Of Being Pushed & Talks Press Conference Fight”
  1. Dude i seriously cant wait for the goverment to get these asswholes for taxes they dont desrve to be rich

  2. I like how Austin is more chill . But Bryce is just cussing him out , i dont even think Bryce wanna fight fr.

  3. Austin is really calm he certainly thinks "what is this child going to do now". Austin act like an adult and Bryce like a child. Bryce still has a lot to grow.

  4. i think Austin is gonna win cuz he's chill and Bryce will run out of breath quick if he keeps going crazy

  5. Bryce: if you get up one more time I'm going to slaaa…hmmm not going to say that or get roast
    Austin: hold my beer
    Also Bryce: going down down downnnn

  6. Bryce is a typical bully. Very loud but when someone hits back he’s gonna be the weakest man in the room

  7. This fight reminds me of the recent presidential election. Didn’t love Biden but HATED Trump. Hall is definitely the Trump in this situation. Sadly, I actually want to see Mc-Douche win this. Bryce is the biggest piece of shit on the Internet and that’s touch company

  8. I'd love to box all these guys on tik tok. I'd make my own tik tok knocking these boys out 🙂

  9. no matter whats the scenario i aint never supporting this austin SHIT ! this man is far worse than what he really is u guys will never knoww

  10. Bryce trying to convince everyone that he’s tough is the most funniest thing i’ve ever witnessed.

  11. I just love how Austin is so chill and confident talking about what’s happening and some people just ignore and I understand but like I love how he loves to talk about what happening 😁

  12. honestly, let bryce donate. don’t let him near your kids/luxury stuffs at home bcos he sure does have anger issues.

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