‘Special Report’ All-Star panel discuss Biden administration ordering review of COVID origins. #FoxNews

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23 thoughts on “Mollie Hemmingway: This is a huge scandal”
  1. Agenda 2030 is falling into place. People losing all faith in the current political structure will eventually accept a one world government with open arms.

  2. President Donald J Trump was indeed right – In my opinion he is still my President. God please bless him and his family ❤️❤️

  3. One thing about the DEMOCRAPS is that they do stick together. The spineless republicans I can’t say the same. Even if we get back the senate and the house nothing will change because to tell you the truth Beijing Biden will still continue to rule America

  4. Harold ford has TDS. Biden Administration & fauci have a date with the wrath of God for their lying, stealing, blood on their hands for people that suffered alone in hospital rooms waiting to die without presence of family members, Harold will join them!

  5. Nothing will happen about anything. The democratic party and fake news networks and China are all working together people. The Democrats are too corrupt and every agency is corrupt. The globalist elites wanted all this to happen.😑

  6. Lebron James was quick to condemn a police officer when he was saving a girl from being stabbed.
    Will Lebron (and the NBA) condemn China for killing millions?

  7. Geez anyone can take an educated guess and conclude that the Dems okayed the release of the virus.

  8. down with biden/china and all of their families,media,government involment,cronies pro pro pro trump 2024 2024 2024

  9. The virus is created to be used as a weapon. Unfortunately before their project is completed ACCIDENTAL LEAK occurred thus all go haywired. Their project included a vaccine to counter their created virus cannot be produced due to the leakage of virus. Therefore they are unabled to complete the vaccine meant to suppress the virus. If their project is succeeded then the uses of this virus will be their fame and they can be hailed as Savior. Thus tons of money to reap because they already have a vaccine ready for the world to purchase and the rest of the story is one imagination….. just saying only a fastasy ….maybe true depended on one imagination…best wishes and enjoy the fastasy world…

  10. The Chinese and democrat leadership were co-conspirators in this in an effort to defeat Trump. Their goals and methods are the same and both KNEW they could never defeat Trump at the polls. But don't forget the roll social media and the mainstream media played in enabling the scandal. Millions of people died for the goals of these two entities but this time is no different than the millions who died at the hands of leftists in decades past.

  11. Are we forgetting if it labeled bio weapon and a act of terrorism, it will not be covered by insurance. Who pays for the Healthcare then?

  12. The lancet is where the bogus and unethical Wakefield study disparaging the MMR vaccine was published…and retracted.

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