China will become the world’s foremost economic power by 2028, according to projections. Rick Sanchez explains how, as a desperate geopolitical “Hail Mary,” the US is beginning to emulate China’s economic model in its bid to remain competitive in development and trade. Specifically, the US is funding specific kinds of products and technology, such as semiconductor chips and electric vehicles. Will it work? (00:13) And how does Washington’s push to catch up with Beijing complicate its criticisms of the very system has begun to adopt? Investigative journalist and “Boom Bust” co-host Ben Swann (03:42) and Prof. Richard Wolff, host of “Economic Update” help illuminate the question. (07:37)

Then RT America’s Trinity Chavez looks into the irrefutable evidence supporting the existence of “unidentified flying objects” (UFOs) before filmmaker and author Sean Stone and Rick Tumlinson of SpaceFund share their expertise. (13:13)

Plus, RT’s Ilya Petrenko reports on the Biden administration’s newfound tolerance of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline between Russia and Germany. (22:29)

00:00 Full Show
00:13 China’s Economy
03:42 Washington & Beijing
07:37 Richard Wolff insight
13:13 UFO’s evidence
22:29 Nord Strem2 Pipeline latest

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21 thoughts on “Breaking: US will copy China's economic model to remain competitive (Full show)”
  1. Are we going to copy China.? Yet… we accuse China of copying us.!! What is wrong in this picture….

  2. America was conceived through the genocide of the indigenous peoples of North America and the theft of their homeland. That much, no one in his right mind can deny. America then grew and became rich by grabbing more land from Mexico and enslaving black Africans to be used like beasts of burden in cotton fields and farms. No one who studied American history can deny that. It has become an imperialist power and hegemon by invasions, conquests and gross meddling in the affairs of other nations. Those who understand geopolitics of recent history cannot deny that. Yet, there are those who deny these truths. But then, there are still flat-earthers and Holocaust deniers. The USA is good on rhetorics, but has always resorted to dirty tricks.

  3. What? US is trying to steal the economic model from China. There is no fixed model. The govetnmeny has been funding the private sector all this while by helping and bailing out cooperation. Where are the fund coming from? Your guess is as good as mine. Its public monies off course. American is going to get even poorer… The government is either going to print more paper currency or increase the tax on the people…..

  4. for one, USA will not survive because they used fake money(printing money). Others will not sell their raw material for fake money..

  5. Yes yes yes… welcome to the hypocracy of the Americas 50… its bizarre and it's socialism for te corporates and crap for the rest. We have democratic capitolism? ???? 😁😁😁😁😁
    Alot of Graff and corruption to follow.

  6. Might have worked if Trump was still around, now it's even more of a pipe dream. Liberals only produce poverty and stagnation. Just check out California and Illinois. They are stagnant economies.

  7. The US has 320 million people and China has 1.4 billion. China succeeds by using the size of its population to scale up production and lower prices at a level nobody else can do. It's completely foolish to try to compete with them. The USA can only succeed in two ways: 1) open the borders to immigration from all over the world so it can increase its population rapidly the way it used to in the early 20th century, or 2) effectively becoming a world empire, bossing around everyone against China to the benefit of the US only. Either way, the US has to scale up if it wants to succeed with this strategy.

  8. Just ask yourself, given a choice… which country would you rather live in? CHINA 🇨🇳 OR USA🇺🇸 . Not everything is about Economy!

  9. Did I hear it wrongly US will copy China’s economic model .Mmmmm I think it should be US steal China’s economic model.

  10. There has always been one country that benefited the most from each industrial evolution. Britain, the US, and now China. Countries are just bigger size companies, and their success is more shaped by the eras we live in. There's nothing wrong about competitions, nor about how they compete, even if its about copying the model; as long as that competitions don't hurt innocent citizens

  11. US can't really copy China when the people in office are elected through rubbish elections. When government is dominated by no good, lying , and sociopath lawyers, and the only they know how to do is spewing empty rhetoric and win elections, they can't compete.

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