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Jesse Watters: New year, same Biden

‘Watters’ World’ host describes the Democrat base as ‘fractured’ ahead of the midterms.
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  • Jamie Patterson

    You have to recognize a problem before you can fit it, so true. And when you and your ideals are the problems?

    Brandon is blind to the fact that he and his ideals are the problems the US is experiencing. The Dems in Congress are blind to the fact of their contributions to the problems the US is facing.

    Only a few on the Hill see the cliff the train is roaring towards. But because those driving the train refuse to believe in what they're being told, the train will eventually go over the cliff edge. And when it does, those driving the train will blame those who tried to tell them what was going to happen. They won't accept responsibility for the training going over the cliff because they believed they were right.

  • Gloria Wheeler

    Joe has the life, he doesn't have to think, because his handlers tell him what to say, what to do but sometimes he reads off script?
    Impeach 46!

  • Michael Knorr

    President Trump had to go through a medical evaluation. Biden is given a pass on it all. I'll bet that he would fail miserably.

  • Johnnie Smythe

    the main porblems with all of you now pay attention especially you John Cena and you Dems and lives and Hollywood; is that your aways trying to prove some to your selfs and to everyone else unlike me I have not to prove to my self nor to anyone else everything I have did in my life time is on files in the archives some were in [coronado] now whether youwant to get off your asses and go look for then that's on your asses and just in case if none of you lazy asses can't find them will then ask [Preident Richard Nixon] He's the {President} you should go and talk to President Richard Nixon my chief and commander but all of you are always looking to something to yourself and how old are John Cena still looking to prove something to self not to confident yourself are you, so by trying run me down and calling insulting names and slandering me and bad mouthing me, it is not my self-confidence and my serves to my real America and my ability as train fight along with everything else is not damage in whey nor shape or form but apparently to build-up your self-confidents all of you have to slander every way to build-up your pathetic self-confidents and that every pathetic. "O" John Cena my ability as a train fighter as been tested more times than you have been walking boy.

  • Good Comments

    Make J6 day of TREASON. JOE will stop COVID in '22. More Jabs=more normalcy. branDON-ald=NASCAR F-Bombers. Harris=History. GO JOE=LET'S Go JOE!!

  • ailia naqvi

    Seriously I use to like Hilary. After seeing she is keep phrasing Biden every time the job he is doing. I started hating her.

  • Dante's inferno

    Your politics are pitiful, I come show you are proven to be slow, watching the wars this country waits till, the people control the permission to punish, the rich and resources that you take, freeing the poor with pistols and pumps, COVID and congrats on coming calling, when you're not feeling great but greatly gross for the love of common confusion that you calmly create, losing life like paying the poor, pissing and posturing for payments ignored, hating the heroes that have been haunting, your American dreams in Amazing Abodes, arming the offspring with awesome advice, ,,👎🤓😂😆 until the actual armies have ticked out your time……..too bad.

  • My America!

    In a few hours, Waters got 5 times as many views on this video clip as Biden did on his Jan 6 speech, "the best speech of his life"..

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