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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

The media was so excited as the first anniversary of January 6th approached. We’ll show you why.

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25 thoughts on “Is “Trumpism” Fascism? the left says Yes”
  1. And remember, “Germany was the dress rehearsal for the United States.” To be clear, YOU support the (Neo)Nazis

  2. Wow.. there really making a thing out of this.
    I think the Chicago gun violence is a much bigger story then a bunch of yahoo's who got caught up in a sting operation.
    Can ya come to Chicago and make a big deal on a real situation please.
    Chicago needs your help.

  3. "the media" hey, you guys are "the media" too.. i wonder if the anchors actually believe the bullshit theyre pedalling or they are just in need of a job.

  4. Notice that he didn't make any points that that Trumpism is not Fascism. All that he did was to portray anyone that disagrees with him as the enemy. He even blamed the White House for the weather. Anyone that reads history can instantly recognize these tactics as flashiest. If you found yourself in agreement with this video, you should ask yourself if you are being played a sucker. Because according to this video, Trumpism is fascism.

  5. He hates Anti Fascist (Antifa) and declared them enemies of the state. What is left to assume? That is what fascists do!

  6. "Did fake tough guy Trump set-up his supporters by calling them to the Capitol in the first place," maybe that should be the title of your video?

  7. Trump should go to prison for the rest of his life for this. I am no Biden, or Harris fan, but Trump did everything he could to steal the election. He was even on tape. Trump had zero evidence the election was stolen. 60 failed court cases with Trump approved judges proved it. Trump incited an insurection and postponed the national guard for as long as he could, while everyone was in danger. If him and everyone involved doesn't go to prison, American democracy is doomed. It probably already is though. The two biggest morons that ever lived became president for crying out loud, but at least they can act like they care about the future of the country and do the right thing for once.

  8. He's just out for himself,a true narcissist, and the most anti Christian Christian I've seen. hilariously transparent and seriously deluded. But, great to listen to his polarising narrative, it's great fun. But the funniest thing is that real actual breathing humans believe him. Brilliant.

  9. I really struggle with RT now since Rick Sanchez left & this tool took his place.
    Im English working class Im 42 years old Im used to Conservatives but this guy isnt a Conservative he's just rightwing.

    Theres a huge difference between Conservative & Right wing.

  10. I love how this ass hat talks about 'the media' like he isn't part of it. He plays all the same divisive, partisan tricks as CNN, MSNBC, FOX and OAN. What's more, he does it seeking the same type of attention and REVENUE as 'the media'.

  11. This is because they themselves are closer to being fascists than anyone on the right. The left needs to tale just 1 moment and honestly ask themselves..hey…are we the bad guys? But since they won't…to hell with them.

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