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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

An influencer who pushed anti-vaccine messages is now publicly promoting her COVID-19 vaccination to make up for the misinformation she spread during her movement. Heather Simpson, a freelance writer and activist, joins CBSN’s Lana Zak to discuss why she decided to get the vaccine.

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27 thoughts on “Influencer who once shunned COVID shot now promotes vaccinations”
  1. Not one person has mentioned aluminum. Everyone is scared that the vaccine companies are indemnified from being sued from any side effects their experimental treatment causes.

  2. Why don't they show the actual syringe or show the needle piercing her skin.
    I call shenanigans. She didn't get the vax. Don't be fooled by this shill!

  3. Why are you people so fast to agree with tyrants pushing a depopulation agenda. I don’t know how this woman was before the vaccine but she seems very confused. Lady reporter, come talk to me. I was destroyed as a child and young adult by a vaccine. Why don’t you talk to the injured? Because you are the ones reporting false information. The main stream media is run by the tyrannical government.

  4. Anyone that i trust is myself. But if i were to trust certain people and they tell me to get the vax i stop 🛑 trusting them at once. All pro vaxxers are enemy of mine

  5. Anyone "influenced" by tv or internet people should be considered mentally ILL and locked away for life !!!

  6. The lady keeps talking about the "facts she can't get around. " What are these facts?

    I can respect her wanting to change her mind, but it doesn't seem like she really thinks for herself. She was "influenced " to not take the vaccine after watching a 9 hour documentary series. Then she was "influenced " to take the vaccine after talking to her friends and by some "facts" that she wasn't clear about.

    We can't just read 'facts". We need to challenge them and think critically as well as listen to our gut. We all need to choose what we're at peace with.

    She appears to be an "influencer" that's easily "influenced ". The lady needs to think for herself.

  7. Trusted messengers! Lol! Yeah, my trusted messenger is my own gut! How much are they paying you Heather! You puppet….

  8. Just wanted to send lots of love and good luck to those who oppose science…

    I work in an ED here in Pittsburgh…we are seeing mostly covid cases amongst anti vaxers.

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