A teacher and a custodian are being called heroes after disarming a student inside Rigby Middle School.

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15 thoughts on “Heroes praised in wake of school shooting, allegedly by student | GMA”
  1. That kid: got bullied
    Parents: tell school
    Grandparents: "today lady's and gentlemen we have a gun"

  2. So… 'nother shoothing in America. I wonder if this is still remotely shocking for them or if they are as desensitised to it as I am. I mean, I'd be exceedingly weirded out if I were told this doesn't happen anymore. It's part of the American life style. It's the price to be paid for such an absurd prerogative as the right to bear arms.

  3. My cousin goes to this school. He was in shock but he’s doing good after everything that happened.

  4. Those damn NRA loopholes allowing sixth graders to buy guns it was probably a shotgun revolving grenade launching ak77

  5. Chicago has the highest murder rate but relatively no school shooting thats because theres a pack between gang members of no shooting in school. Teach your kids that school is hallowed ground

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