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FULL SHOW: Pentagon offers 'condolence payments' for deadly mistake in Afghanistan (Full show)

As Washington’s political class mourns the passing of former US State Secretary Colin Powell, one of the architects of America’s longest war, the ill-fated US attempt at regime change in Afghanistan, RT America takes a look at the future of an Afghanistan back in the hands of the Taliban.

The Pentagon has offered “condolence payments” and passage to the US for surviving family-members of those killed in the botched and deadly drone strike that killed 10 civilians in Afghanistan, including 7 children, during the departure of the US military. More than 3,000 civilians in Afghanistan have been killed by US drone strikes since 2016. Meanwhile, Afghanistan is sinking into economic oblivion, with some families selling their children to human traffickers to cover the cost of their own bare subsistence. Pakistan has closed its border amid increased violence form its own Taliban insurgency. RT America’s Faran Fronczak reports. Then Saber Nasseri of the Afghan-American Relations Office weighs in before Prof. Richard Wolff of “Democracy at Work” joins to discuss Afghanistan’s economic future and who will have access to the vast and untapped reserve of rare earth minerals in Afghanistan, much-coveted by the great powers.

Then RT America’s Mollye Barrows reports on the kidnapping of 17 North American missionaries in Haiti before RT America’s Natasha Sweatte reports new revelations concerning the devastating coastal oil spill in Orange County, California. Plus, RT America’s Alex Mihailovich reports on the return of Russian moviemakers from 12 days aboard the International Space Station (ISS), where they shot scenes for the first-ever feature film shot on-site in space.
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  • Hans Weissmann

    Really? How about the other millions killed by the US military in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Egypt, Yemen, Myanmar, and Thailand?

  • James Kelman

    The U S just keeps printing money out of the free air anyways , might as well print a little extra to through at the problem and pretend that cash payouts fixes everything that the military gets caught at making " Ooops " out of . Buy our way into trouble , Buy our way out of trouble is only acceptable in this morale corrupt policy of psychopaths !


    Past payments ranged from $131 to $135000. — RT
    You mean to say that there were cases they gave $131 for a life.
    It's cheaper than slavery man. Even slaves who are buried in the history would come out of their graves saying that their treatment was better.

  • ferna fern

    I don't know why RT interview this guy he is doing propaganda on behalf of US , he haven't answer none of the question that being asked am talking about of Sabir Nisiri

  • Octavius Neal

    Pentagon need to pay us our reparations before they do anything.
    Wtf wrong with you white folks. That's why all nations will betray you abruptly

  • Om nom nom nom



    IM NOT SCREAMING. Arabs are naturally loud.

  • Malamute Aerospace

    He was the one pushing the Iraq invasion on lies. Good riddance another Satanic elitist gone to be with his master.

  • Ros Rosy

    Does this guy know what he was talking about – blaming all on the Taliban and seem like to condone what the real aggressors the US and its allies did to the country including freezing Afghan's assets which could be used to rebuild the country and improve the human living conditions!

  • Philip Tan

    The American president must apologize because it was him who wanted a revenge!! The pentagon got an order from the president to get ‘results’ whatever it was.

  • Dajjal Day Walker

    All jailed simple also lift the pathetic sanctioned blockade etc too . Via occupational Iraq
    Palestinian/Syria to libya etc
    IRANIAN etc too.. or what goes round COMES around baby's. & greater justice as usual..

  • Dajjal Day Walker

    All jailed simple… or what goes round COMES around baby's. Or INJUSTICE. LED TERRORISM ACT & land theft expansion Marches on.. DRUGS WARLORDS & WAR CRIMINALS led too…

  • Wayne Shilcock

    Saber Nasseri obviously has an extreme dislike for the Taliban, China and Pakistan, almost virtual signaling the US to go back to Afghanistan. There have been negotiations between the Taliban and CIA, also meetings with US senior officials as well, not the Saber Nasseri would tell you. But only to call them animals and uneducated is frankly childish and something a wealthy individual would say. Even though he is correct, there are significant issues with kidnappings, torture and killings going on in the country. Not that it hasn't all happen when the US was there anyway, however, Saber has not said anything about that either. Nothing on the geo political position of Afghanistan or the Belt n Road that will go through the area, only to point out the so called minerals that might be there, considering no industrial geological surveys have been done in the area.

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