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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

* Contains some strong language * Boris Johnson’s former chief adviser Dominic Cummings has made a series of explosive claims about mistakes made by the government in handling coronavirus. But what impact will they have? Please subscribe HERE

The PM’s former chief aide said Boris Johnson had initially dismissed Covid as a “scare story” and said the UK had been too slow to lock down.

And he claimed Health Secretary Matt Hancock had lied on multiple occasions and should have been fired.

“Tens of thousands of people died, who didn’t need to die,” said Mr Cummings.

In a marathon seven hour evidence session, Mr Cummings told a committee: “The truth is that senior ministers, senior officials, senior advisers like me fell disastrously short of the standards that the public has a right to expect of its government in a crisis like this.”

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22 thoughts on “Cummings: What happened and what impact will it have? – BBC Newsnight”
  1. The Alternative (To Boris & Cummings)
    Britain would be fighting alongside Hamas.
    The Alternative was Jeremy Corbyn.

  2. Dominic is a jealous man, who thinks he better than others. buy speaking open like this will not be good for him.

  3. Nothing will happen as the BBC and other channels have been complicit in not challenging his behaviour in the past 18 months.

  4. So everyone except Cummings is incompetent liars… Cummings the individual that is at the centre of the case of High treason that the entire Brexit campaign was…
    Voters in the UK must take some of the blame for the whole debacle as the majority were not capable of seeing through the propaganda and outright lies… Politics isn't what the majority think it is… It's just management, or more correctly mismanagement of market leverage in a global economy… And the majority of "politicians" are just looking after their own interests not those of anyone else…

  5. So, the PM, Gvt and politicians are all liars, criminals, and useless…… Well, nothing I didn’t already know there then.

  6. Ive always said Boris was a puppet on strings it's the thieves and the chancers pulling the strings that we need to get out
    Boris is the idiot that is told to push the kid over with crutches and he keeps his lunch money 💰"so he does" and as far as Johnson's wife goes "everyone has been there" 🖕

  7. Don’t know why people are taking what he says seriously. The irony is as well he’s just made Matt Hancock unsackable on this

  8. Was it ever in doubt that the PM & health Secretary lied on ppe contracts & greased the palms of contractor "friends".
    Seeing the situation as an opportunity rather than a duty of care ?
    But I suspect that everybody has been briefed on light of Dominic Cummins testimony & shall be sticking to the party line as per…
    Lessons will be learned etc etc etc.

  9. usual government denials but the bigger question why didn't tory government follow new zealand or australia's strategy to contain covid – even s korea or vietnam – johnson and hancock displayed an arrogance that they knew what to do when in reality they were clueless and so i'm inclined to believe most of cummins comments although he is clearly bitter at being ousted from his lucrative position as boris's right hand man

  10. just more distraction as the hospitals get full from the effects of the experimental mrna gene therapy, remember the bbc only reports the narrative and what ever the agenda is, you need to look else were for resal news.

  11. Strange that before the lies and globalist agenda set in Boris,s first thought that this was basically a scare situation was fundamentally correct,,,! Hancock will lie his way out of the corner sides by the complicit media.PS Hancock, I,m busy saving !Ives as Cv jab deaths increase by the day !.More will die or be injured from the jab than the actual deaths from CV not with a PCR test derived positive test that are as true as Hancock himself!.

  12. The world according to Dominic Cummins narcissist man ,because he doesn’t get his own way he throws his dummy out the Pram ,Dominic grow up

  13. Yer we can rely on the beeb for impartial reporting of accusations against the British government and published narratives.

  14. Just remember he has a lot to gain by making stuff worse then they actually were no doubt a book deal soon. Could this be true yes could it also be complete bs for personal gain yes

  15. Still biased BBC.. seems like you can't do otherwise..a pseudo Labour supporter is hardly the other side of the story

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