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Attorneys for family of teen killed in LAPD shooting hold news conference | full video

Attorneys representing the family of Valentina Orellana-Peralta, who was killed by a stray bullet fired by a Los Angeles police officer, held a news conference on Tuesday. The 14-year-old girl was struck by a bullet while officers were firing at a suspect who was assaulting a woman at a store on Thursday. LAPD released bodycam video and CCTV footage of the incident on Monday.

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  • Poker Mike

    And they have Ben crump the ambulance chaser 🙄. It's always about the money 💰.
    It's truly sad what happened to her but they think money will fix it. Where is Ben crump and the other ambulance chasers when people are being murdered every single day?

  • David Mills

    What a tragedy. I feel for the parents of this child. But to blame the police who were called on an active shooter were not to blame. No, the perpetrator was not armed but the police didn't know this at the time and were acting in the only way they could with victims bloody and on the ground and the potential of more harm coming from him. The only justice, in this case, is to leave these animals that cause these types of crimes in jail where they belong and not let them out for social justice causes, like no bail there in California. The politicians that the people have elected are to blame so its the people who are the ultimate bame for this tragic occurrence.

  • Connie Stone

    Additionally, the inhumane disrespect of the (one and only) “reporter” to ask the ridiculous question:
    “ask her parents what it means to loose their daughter during the Christmas holiday?” What in god’s name did you expect for an answer?? So sickeningly disrespectful, particularly when Every Statement made has already discussed their actions, dreams, and hopes for the holiday season!

  • I massage

    That’s terrible that the officer said to the mom to get out from the fitting room. How is a mother to just walk away?! Are you that heartless? I guess so. This is devastating

  • Connie Stone

    What they NEED and DESERVE is more Respect than they’ve been shown! A great start would have been that YouTube company presented this video as a PSA, instead of interrupting it at least 10 times (and counting) so that we could Hear and See the entire statements from her family and school friends! It was disgusting—I’m sickened by the horrific number of greedy ads during this emotional presentation!
    Additionally, NO just killed or injured Child should ever be Left Alone and their mother removed from the scene and her CHILD during or after their final moments. I simply cannot imagine how much More horrifying such an act would be! And there’s No reason for it— whether the child is Dead or being treated for injuries.

  • Kml Art

    Funny how criminals in the streets shoot regular citizens and children everyday and we don't see news conferences for those children, old ladies, family members and the like. So sick of demonizing the police. Plain tired of it. This attorney wants the money and is in all these cases.

  • Armstrong Tv channel

    I’m pretty sure those officers involved are watching, My question is what are they thinking right now. I’m crying to see these family going through all these.

  • John K

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  • Wet Waters

    I bet fox dirty news won't talk about this, correction, yes they will, tucker is delighted, and I'm sure all of the Trumpian bigots are.

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