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Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Officers who shot and killed Andrew Brown Jr., an unarmed Black man, will not be criminally charged, a North Carolina prosecutor said.

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25 thoughts on “Andrew Brown Jr. shooting: Deputies won't face charges | USA TODAY”
  1. When someone is fleeing this situation, they are a threat to society. They might resort to desperate measures, endangering the people around them.

  2. So reversing and turning, both to avoid any contact with officers, and then driving away, is deemed using a deadly weapon against police?

    Good luck Black American motorists, your life cards are marked.

  3. If only CJ would of used unlimited health before that he would of have gotten away……besides it was 3 stars

  4. I mean they shouldn’t be charged they were called to serve a warrant guy decided to run even though he saw they weren’t playing around so yeah this is what happens I wish it didn’t he just made the wrong decision

  5. What a way to Frame The Narrative.
    Bias in the "News" makes an individual question the story's validity..
    Unarmed…he was driving his weapon with flagrant disregard for anyone else's life.
    He chose to face a chance he may die getting away rather than facing the very same accountability of justice that any other person that had broken the law in the same way would have had to..he felt entitled….He was wrong..

  6. I understand the police firing their weapons while Mr. Brown drove in their path where they were standing… but it seemed that only 1 or 2 bullets were fired while the suspect was driving into the path of an officer, but the rest of the gunshots were fired after the car was clearly not in their path.

  7. When you see all these racist comments from people who wanna see black people dead and you know most of the people on the police force have this same mentality..who wouldnt flee? Racism is mental illness and most of so called authority suffer from it! Believe it or not black people love they're life and freedom too

  8. A badge, and uniform don't make you a cop! They cover themselves with a badge and uniform, and not a white sheet and hood no more. They have these domestic terrorist who disguises themselves as police officers to kill black people. And you have every nationality in this country who support it. Because if they are against it. Their afraid of lossing a benefit they receive; as in a home, privilege, employment, career or some political power.

  9. Why didn’t they do that to the guy who ran cops over in front of the capitol? Lol oh yeah that’s right no one who actually wants to hurt cops is gonna give them time to fight back. Think about every cop that got shot it was probably an ambush they never saw coming

  10. Totally justified. Its official, the worlds a better place given the officers actions. Thank You For Your Service

  11. It's getting ridiculous what ppl are outraged about and try to chalk up as racism. Running in a car, trying to stab someone… yea you might get shot. Doesn't have to do with your skin tone. Brainwashed by the left who just trying to pander for votes. It's sad

  12. Another case of Hebrew police trying to get in front of a suspects front bumper so they can perform their legalized execution of said suspect. They could have have shot his tire out instead, so he couldn't flee, but then they can't perform their planned execution.

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