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24 thoughts on “ABC News Prime: No charges in Andrew Brown Jr's death; Life in Gaza; The future of going to work”
  1. Donald The Virus Trump and his lawyer starting to see the grim writing on the wall and this fbi home search is just the start the domino effect is in full throttle now Because Trump and anybody connected to his web of lies and crimes are finally catching up with him specially with no shield to hide behind now his days of getting away with murder and living above the law with no consequences is over with now 33 lawsuits and 7 separate serious investigations against him lead by all the top procescuters in the country and the father of RICO and Racketeering Mark Pomerantz who took down John Gotti and the mob leading this army to bring down his 30 year old criminal empire and anybody connected to it .Then on top of that got caught in another lie for the thousandth time Robert Muller was right all along but couldn't go after Trump because of his former presidential shield protecting him from anything but now he's just a 74 year old child and washed up showman who has temper tantrum's every day and crashes people's weddings to keep hitting that replay button of bogus conspiracies and lies that the world and America are tired of hearing about and have moved on with a real a president not the pretend one you were last year who caused the worst Health Economic Housing Homeless Crisis in Modern History and let a half a million die because of your lies and bogus conspiracies and inciting the most cowardly and disgraceful act in us history the insurrection that added to your half million dead American body count since last memorial day when you told people this would go away in days and disappear on its own and then have balls to open up the country up in the middle of the worst pandemic in Modern times and continued to Downplay everything and call it a hoax when yesterday your daughter got the vaccine and did the right thing and told all your supporters to do the right thing and get the vaccine because this virus is real and it's not a joke it kills and cripples are lives are family's and are friends everyday the longer you stay complacent and ignorant to the truth that this is the step back to a new normal life and gives us a fighting chance against the 3rd wave coming so it won't be no where near as deadly as last year and every time we get the newer stronger vaccine that comes out for the 3 rd shot next year hopefully Everybody by then will have been vaccinated and the pandemic will start to shrink in numbers to finally be contained in America

  2. Trump will bring down the Republican Nazi GOP Party easily once he's indictmented and extradited to NY because just like Hitler did to germany in the 1930s he was there downfall and why they lost same similarities here everytime Trump interferes and opens his fat lieing mouth it's a monumental catastrophic mess for everybody to clean up in the end only this time it won't be Biden cleaning up the mess again it will be whatever is left of the GOP Nazi Party in disbelief again scratching there heads why did we do this again to ourselves

  3. So reversing and turning, both to avoid any contact with officers (- "not towards"), and then driving away, is deemed using a deadly weapon against police?

    Good luck Black American motorists, your life cards are marked. Tragic and Unjustified/ Carolina is is epicentre of racial evils.

  4. Firing into an escaping vehicle is also an example of reckless endangerment. How many pedestrians and residents in that community had the potential of being shot by errant bullets and mowed down by an out of control high speed vehicle?? Dispicably irresponsible abuse of power from the outset. Not a shred of justification from start to finish. Every one of them should face incarceration for terrorizing that man and the neighborhood.

  5. Anyone who shoots a fleeing unarmed man in the back is a coward , the judge knew this that is why he hid it. This is just racist reprisal because of Derek Chauvin. All those deputies looked like old time klansmen in the back of that truck.

  6. Y'all can keep deleting my comments because you know I'm telling the truth. Just like the police don't want to show the whole video. What have the Po Po got to hide?
    This is a cover up as usual yet, what's done in the dark will eventually come to light and I won't stop talking or posting. Keep deleting me all you want. The truth will prevail and everybody will get their just dessert.

  7. The video was doctored which is the reason they didn't want to show the video and only showed a partial video.

  8. Kyle Rittenhouse (an underage boy of no color) murdered 2 people and wounded another 9 months ago. Still not in jail.
    Evil Dylan Roof (a person of no color) murdered 9 people and was treated to a burger at burger king by police.

  9. What was the warrant for?
    In the country police don't play… they are all business.
    This man should have been got out of his car with his hands up like I would do and any person with a brain.
    Police have killed many people even abused innocent people.
    And it don't matter what color you are it's just black people or now wanting white people to suffer specially police officers because black people say this country belongs to them.
    No whites no yellow no anything built this country only black people… you know they're high to say such a ridiculous thing

  10. THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA is FAILING on all fronts and losing viewers by the MILLIONS simply because they have become the voice of LEFTIST/PROGRESSIVE/CORPORATE/MARXIST/GLOBALIST P*R*O*P*A*G*A*N*D*A and the ENEMY of the AMERICAN PEOPLE. They have gradually painted themselves into a corner over the last decade or so, with nowhere to escape their own corrupt, bullshit reporting except into OBLIVION, PRISON, and OBSCURITY.
    The only avenue they have left is to DOUBLE DOWN on their LIES, FALSEHOODS, and ACCUSATIONS with the dwindling hope that they will never be held ACCOUNTABLE and/ or brought up on charges of SEDITION, HATE SPEECH, INCITING RIOTS, LIABLE, INSURRECTION, and TREASON…..and NO this is not a conspiracy theory. Trump became the enemy when he threatened to expose all Government, political, and financial corruption. JFK was the last President to attempt this and they killed him. The Deep State and their Media have murdered Trump on a daily basis for the past 5 years.

  11. Those state sanctioned murderers needs to be arrested charged & jailed! Andrew Brown should be alive today!

  12. Justice for Andrew brown!! U got to b kidding me!! He didn’t hit him and the cop had so much room to not even b hurt! Utterly ridiculous!!

  13. HAMAS, HAMAS, HAMAS! Israel is killing hundreds of innocent people and ABC shitty news is portraying another story!

  14. Police have a gang in it, that's why they continue killing blacks no matter the president

  15. Say no to Joe Biden’s communist North America. The worlds most irresponsible president. Close the border and stop placing all Americans in harms way. There are no semiconductors because Biden is paying them to stay home..

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