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American tourists remain stranded at Peru’s tourist destinations amid deadly protests.

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Hundreds of tourists who have been stranded in Machu Picchu after Peru launched into violent political unrest last week are being evacuated by the Peruvian government. Transportation to and from the UNESCO World Heritage Site has been paused since Dec. 15 because of demonstrations in the country.

On Saturday, emergency trains between the famous tourist attraction and Cuzco, where there is an airport, resumed operations for evacuees, according to PeruRail. Train services are the main way to access Machu Pichcu.

Four helicopters were scheduled to pick up “the most vulnerable foreign tourists” from Aguas Calientes, considered the city for the Machu Picchu ruins, on Saturday, according to the U.S. Embassy in Lima. U.S. citizens were told to visit the Casa de la Cultura in the village by Friday and show their passports if they wanted to flee.

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