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12 thoughts on “ABC News Prime: CA shooting latest; Senate hearing on Ticketmaster; Sen. Warnock's new picture book”
  1. I went to state as an alternate runner , I don't know their status, however, as they pull up and sneak an unwanted violation horn honking, mixed with you know what… The second coming of the conjunction is effected. It's your duty to defend.

  2. IT does matter that the cops are black, the teen still ran from the cops and still resisted arrest and didn't comply.
    When are the parents, and civil rights leader and other start tell people to just comply with the cops

  3. if you B want to know I the real truth about T what's goin on you C have to go to a H certain site mentioned U in this comment T with all caps E and not believe the mainstream media 💩

  4. Another step towards gun control, they take our guns, they control us, it's happened in other countries as well. They're gaining control on the food too. It's the elites👿agenda.

  5. Apparently, Raphael Warnock’s ex-wife doesn't have any civil rights, she accused the spineless coward of domestic violence, running over her with his Tesla, and being a deadbeat father.

  6. ABC news. The lying network. People abortion, pro border illegals, pro terrorists…..and owned by Disney!

  7. Another mass shooting I its a governmental operation that they are orchestrating to get people's guns that all law-abiding citizens away from them.

  8. The Biden administration and House democrats. Are the most corrupt in America's history. We the people are suffering for it.

    You have to wonder who knows Americas top secrets. China? Russia? Ukraine? They are all countries that Hunter Biden, and the Biden family has done business with. As well as many Democrats.

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