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Tuesday, May 24News That Matters

Worries over UFOs unite Dems & GOP as Pentagon report looms

Lionel of Lionel Media and Ed Martin of the Phyllis Shlafly Eagles discuss the growing spotlight on UFOs as the Pentagon prepares a new report on the phenomenon and US officials from both parties express a shared curiosity and concern over the issue.

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  • pillowbugg

    Fake Alien Invasion…keep that in the back of your mind. It's been said for a long time to now…Warner Von Braun

  • SiMun Ooi

    Everyone holding their breath for some great revelation. In the end, it would still be "we don't know what they are".

  • James Logan

    Remember when they use to laugh at people who believed in UFOs. Our little minds 😜 on some of us believed we was the only ones in all the trillions of stars and planets humans will probably shit bricks when they really learn what's going on. Astronauts said when on moon that there was giant ships watching them and when they went to dark side of moon said there was glass buildings 3 miles high and since we never saw the dark side of the moon it's a perfect place to hide. And wait to these brainwashed idiots find out that the earth is a spear with giant holes at each pole , this let's out light which causes the northern lights. I hope some people call me nuts etc and I will save this so when they find out hopefully in our near future that the earth is hollow inside I can call them idiots

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