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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Jonathan Karl interviews Dr. Anthony Fauci on “This Week.”

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27 thoughts on “With new omicron variant, cases 'likely will go much higher': Dr. Fauci | ABC News”
  1. Tsunami of bullshit is what has happened since January 2020. These jokers bring new meaning to the word expert.
    Expert; an individual that has a Phd and is bias and full of shxt. LOL.

  2. If you are vaccinated and supposedly protected why the hell are people so concerned about those who are not! They have no faith in the vaccine because it does not work!

  3. Many vaxed people are coming down with covid more than once yet they insist on blaming the unvaccinated! SMDH!

  4. If the creepy guy would quit whispering into the microphone more people would get vaxxed. Seriously, he should just be quiet.

  5. If people keep dying everyday from Covid… The question we all have to ask ourselves is in 3 to 5 years from now who's going to be left alive! Because it's a countdown to Extension!

  6. Ain't nobody gettin tested unless they're being pressed to for some international flight or whatever, or in the hospital. Omicron's so insanely more contagious by orders of magnitude, why bother?

  7. Just be honest and say it’s less severe!!! You clearly don’t want people to feel anything other than terror or else you would tell the truth that it’s not deadly. How is this scum not in jail

  8. He can only hope cases get higher and each variant is more deadly. He is desperate to stay relevant and in power. This is collective madness.

  9. All this talk about the pandemic of the unvaccinated is Bull S***t, here in Australia we have 95% double vaccinated yet 84% of people infected with omicrom are vaccinated. The vaccine does not prevent infection and does not prevent the spread. Dr Fauci talks rubbish he is responsible for all this chaos, he should be in Jail, how on earth he is the advisor to the president, God only knows.

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