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Why won't media tell you about attacks on US troops in Iraq & Syria (Full show)

Attacks on US soldiers in Syria are escalating at an unprecedented rate, US military personnel and diplomats were targeted with six attacks alone last week. How will the Biden administration respond? US Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute joins News.ViewsHughes to weigh in. He points out that the governments of both Syria and Iraq have explicitly objected to the US occupation. (19:16)

But first, large demonstrators against the Communist government could be heard from the streets of Cuba on Sunday, with American flags and other forms of homage to the US making frequent appearances throughout. The protests are the country’s largest in three decades. RT America’s John Huddy reports the details from Miami before RT America’ primetime host Rick Sanchez shares his insights. (01:01)

President Biden has signed a new executive order, ostensibly aimed at confronting the dangerously concentrated power of commercial giants at the top of the tech, pharmaceutical and agricultural sectors. But because these same giant corporations are the biggest donors to political campaigns, Scottie Nell Hughes wonders whether we can really expect Washington to bring them to heel. Media and legal analyst Lionel of Lionel Media joins to discuss. (13:39)

Meanwhile, as a massive and escalating mental health crisis stretches services to the breaking point, Virginia opts to halt the admission of new patients to state-run mental hospitals. Where are those most afflicted by mental illness but lacking resources and support supposed to go now? RT America’s Natasha Sweatte reports. (22:53)

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  • paul brandano

    I'm not complaining but Tasha Sweet breast would look much better on a 25 year old Miami beach girl, Not on a her. She's a journalist for crying out loud. Jus doesn't look right on her ( implants ) Although I wouldn't have any problems helping her take them off of her hands. lol If you noticed Tasha Sweets assets here in 2021? lol A show of hands..

  • The Pragmatist

    Can a rich man envy a poor ambitious man – ironic we would say but what if it was envy that caused this sanction in the first place. Its wicked to have punished a country so long when you pardon murderers and rapist and white collar criminal in your own country. Why cant the world get together and say enough is enough Cuban should be free. They did well in the past – rumour was that when they link with the Russians they sold sugar to the point they US had to find a way to cripple them. This is sad what has happened – Obama not my favourite but he seem to have tried something then came the Orange maggot.

  • Kevin Bjornson

    The mRNA vaccines do not "cure" covid. They don't even do a good job (net) of preventing covid. The vaccines are administered during an epidemic, which means, some will get infected before the vaccines can take full effect. So there is a window of vulnerability of a few weeks, with only partial immunity. This accelerates the evolution of vaccine-resistant strains. New variants evolve before new vaccines can be designed, tested, and deployed. The mRNA vaccines continue to produce the harmful spike proteins, long after they have become less effective against the virus and further accelerate the evolution.

  • Charlotte Ruse

    It's not about COVID vaccines in Cuba, it's more about an economy manipulated by US sanctions to worsen under the pretext of COVID inducing social unrest.

  • Michael Yavorsky

    How bad must the intimidation be, for ol' ricky boy to sell out his family in Cuba to signal his partisan virtue.

  • Michael Yavorsky

    6:35 LOL She actually let "Regime Change" slip, right after her conspirator was just opining about how Socialism can't work.
    History has shown Socialism can't work IN A NEIGHBORHOOD WITH A CAPITALIST COUNTRY, because it's seen as an immediate target.
    What a tangled web when you are a corporate shill.

  • blacKat

    Are we supposed to believe that the country that backed a fascist insurrection in Ukraine and death squads in Guatamala really wants to help Cuba?

  • BH Cheng

    US interference again ! same tactics for Hong kong . Running out of tricks and fresh ideas repeating old cheap tricks.

  • Dak Din

    Cuba and Venezuela shud deepen ties with Russia, China, Turkey and Iran for, not only political and military, but trade and economic assistance.

  • Go Far

    if the cuban protesters are really who they are, the very first thing is dialogue with washington about "guantanamo bay"…

  • snedler

    I loved when that man linol or how it's spelled starts to laugh, that sounded sooo evil you know haha..
    Amazing guy..

    Peace 💖 ✌

  • Go Far

    america peoples are positively changing… though washington could hardly change… cuban soccies/commies would surely by themselves lie low if honest referendum is done… latest example of honest referendum is the crimea… after the referendum, no matter what political oppositions strive to do to mutilate the turn of events according to the referendum, futile…

  • Daniel Lim

    USA went into the Middle East and destroyed the whole areas and is leaving the area in shambles. Now USA wants to come to Asia and they will do the same thing and leave Asia in shambles. Why should UNITED NATIONS allow it to happen this is ASIA and not asking America to police the Asian area. USA Please do not come to Asia and destroy us thank you and God Bless

  • juancho dagayares

    Illegal sanctions/economic terrorism causes the collapse of CUBAN.goverment due to lack of foods/midicines/others and a lot of cubsn people died on the man made trump/gates corona virus.

  • Roni Yim

    American crap!! American sanctions crippled the Cuban economy for decades. Wake up American friends, is it right that your close neighbour has been made to suffer for so long?

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