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Who's burning down Canada's Catholic churches, & why? (Full show)

New revelations concerning the extent of the mistreatment of Canada’s indigenous people in the time of European colonization and settlement of North America have shaken the country’s understanding of its history and provoked calls for a deeper reckoning of the atrocities that occurred. (00:15)

Canadians feel ashamed and angry as numerous unmarked mass graves of native children appear on Canada’s former frontier. As many as 6,000 Native children may have died of disease, abuse and neglect in the effort to assimilate them into Canada’s mainstream culture. More than a dozen Canadian churches, most of them Catholic, have burnt to the ground in apparent acts of arson as demonstrations take a turn for the ugly. Native activists are now calling on protesters to refrain from further anti-Catholic violence. RT America’s Alex Mihailovich reports. (04:47)

The Pentagon is scrapping its development of a super-powerful electromagnetic railgun after pouring $500 million into the project. RT America’s Faran Fronczak and join Rick Sanchez with the details. (08:35)

New polling reveals that a majority of Americans believe in extraterrestrial life as a renewed interest in unidentified flying objects seizes public imagination. RT America’s Trinity Chavez has the details. Then filmmaker and author Sean Stone joins Rick Sanchez for a wide-ranging discussion of the implications. (16:29)

Haitian President Jovenel Moise was assassinated when a group of gunmen stormed his home and fatally shot him and wounded his wife with their gunfire. The attack inflicts yet more chaos in a country reeling from corruption, anti-government protests, violence, and drugs. RT America’s John Huddy reports from Miami. (12:13)

An armed US warplane got the message when its Russian counterpart challenged its presence over the black sea. Rick Sanchez shares exciting video of the encounter. (15:12)

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  • George K.

    Hearing the news of the unmarked graves found recently in Canada of the native Indigenous Canadians is troubling, it is even more troubling to hear how people in the news are putting Canada down as if we are the devils ourselves… People seem to have memories of convenience so that as if historical context is nonexistent…

    Everyone seems to look on the past and be happy to point the finger on Canada in condemnation… IS IT FAIR TO CONDEMN TODAY’S CANADIANS FOR THE SINS OF CANADIANS OF THE 19th CENTURY? Who are probably all have passed away…

    While it is impossible to erase one's past, and it is a very sad day for Canada today to know this shameful past which is nothing short of injustice and a Gigantic Black mark and a tragedy in Canada’s history, the time has come to pass this nightmare and look forward to the future of what Canada is and what Canada has become…

    Yes … This was a black mark in our history but Canada has learned from it and Canada has become the envied example of the World in tolerance and in so many ways not only because of our many accomplishments but also because of Canada's treatment of ALL its citizens where ALL of its citizens are treated equally with tolerance, dignity, and equal opportunity.

    Unlike in many other countries where injustice and crimes against humanity go unacknowledged and unpunished Canada has created the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and is doing all it can to heal from this dark chapter in Canada's history.

    We shall not forget all injustices; we shall learn from them and stay vigilant not to allow them to ever happen again… At the same time we shall NOT focus on those injustices and allow them to become an ongoing sense of guilt to bring Canada down.

    While this injustice is a shameful black mark in Canada's past history our past is NOT one single event… Therefore WE SHALL NOT BE SHAMEFUL OF OUR PAST, Of WHO WE ARE TODAY, AND OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY OF CANADA.

  • Robert Platte


  • K. Victor

    Imagine having your identity stripped just to assimilate into Canadian society …another society with no identity LMAO!! How insulting. No wonder they're pissed off and burning down churches now.

  • mimosveta

    none of these protests goes "to far" but all but one go in wrong direction. it makes no sense to vandalize private property, so only those who attacked capitol building had the right idea, even if their assumption was wrong. as for burning churches, no, that's not too far, sorry. how many ppl did church burn over centuries? eff them

  • Lee Kh

    Omg! So they committed genocide too like their big bros in US. Thought they are the defender for human rights and protector for freedom? No wonder the detained Huawei Meng without having valid reasons.

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