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Tuesday, May 24News That Matters

White House defends Biden's comment calling out centrist Democrats for blocking his agenda

The White House on Wednesday defended comments President Biden made a day earlier during a speech in Tulsa, in which he appeared to call out Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, who he said “vote more with my Republican friends.” CBS News Capitol Hill producer Rebecca Kaplan and Politico’s White House correspondent and associate editor Anita Kumar join CBSN’s “Red & Blue” anchor Elaine Quijano with more on that, plus Mr. Biden’s infrastructure meeting with the GOP’s lead negotiator and other developments in Washington.

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  • Jonnie Mae Middletonlotte

    That commission block is real suspicious. But as it is the Republicans are off track and totally 🤨 Suspicious. Help; Yikes!

  • ColoradoChris

    In 2009 President Obama signed the Smith-Mundt Restoration Act making it legal once again for the government to propagandize the public through the(ir) media. This was because they killed real people when they traumatized the nation thru 9/11 to move their NWO agenda along. When people lose their loved ones (parents, spouses, children)in such a horrible way they tend to want to want to find out the TRUTH about what happened to them. This causes problems for the evil authorities because even though they managed to get rid of most of the 'evidence' very quickly, the persistence of the people can lead to stuff like a lawsuit against Saudi Arabia!! But they are our ally? We attacked Iraq and Afghanistan?? You mean we should have attacked Saudi Arabia because 15 of the 19 hijacker i.d.'s were Saudi's? Not to mention the "5 dancing Israelis" they caught in Jersey that were celebrating the collapsing towers like arsonists and admitted they had foreknowledge of the event as they announced on Israeli TV that they were there to "document the event".
    So now we have staged terrorism and pandemic nonsense on TV all the time. Sandy Hook and Boston bombing hoaxes, as well as Vegas, happened after 2009….crisis actors, fake events with fake people having fake deaths. No mess, no lawsuits, no nosey victims' relatives. Fake shootings staged regularly to reduce the public's ability to properly arm themselves and join up together to exercise their 2nd amendment rights and ELIMINATE THE TYRANTS. And now a fake worldwide pandemic with "lots and lots of new cases", but not lots and lots of dead bodies (at least not yet) as an excuse to inject as many sheep as possible with sketchy, suspect substances. I don't know for sure what those jabs will do to the gullible and naive, but if you know the elite like i do, the Covid itself is probably safer than those jabs. Only time will tell. I wouldn't let the state inject me with that shat for a million bucks, never mind a donut…or a beer…or a lapdance…because i got myself a clue a long time ago through searching, researching, critically-thinking, and just using common sense!!

  • A. M.

    How about visiting the border and helping those immigrants get vaccinated so this doesn’t start up again with all the immigration

  • James Farrington

    The far left is sooo toxic for America. They have created more division and destruction in this country than anyone in a long time. They are so hypocritical. If you dont agree with them, then they try and denounce and cancel you. I thought the stood for equality?

  • James Farrington

    just wait, we will get another good ol'boy in office in 2024. None of this communist/socialist bull anymore. The lefts short term success will be short lived!

  • Janet Barker

    I love how he compares when Covid had come into the country to now. Give me a break. He can’t claim that 1.

  • Theophrastus3.0

    "Centrist Democrats" means people who are only a little nuts, not totally 🦇-💩 crazy like the rest of them.

  • Debbie Flaherty

    “former president trump”?

    “Mr. Biden”?

    Only ONE earned the title….

    ….and the OTHER one is holed-up in Florida.

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