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What's the roadmap for lifting lockdown in England? – BBC News

UK PM Boris Johnson’s confidence that England can drop Covid restrictions on July 19 has raised many questions.

So what are the challenges facing the re-opening?

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  • Frenchblue8

    Interesting piece. I'm glad nobody's talking about "living with covid" in my country, at least not that I've heard. In fact, our wonderful new president has been unequivocating with regard to doing all possible with the view to exterminating it wholly~this living with it sort of resignation I believe is something he would find completely unacceptable, something not even to be considered. The White House has never wavered from the message of as close to 100% vaccinated as we can reasonably achieve, young children notwithstanding.

    I don't know what will happen if it is legislated that the UK is just going to throw up their hands and say well we've done this long enough, it's time to throw caution to the wind just because we're just plain 'over it' ~when this and other variants seem to be hitting you in much much higher numbers than other Western countries. Our hospitalizations continue to go down, except of course in States where the variant has either hit hard for some reason, or vaccination rates are abysmally low, (nearly endemic in at least a few predominantly red States among Trump Republicans~even though the twice impeached, disgraced, facing indictments from several corners, ex-president who still falsely claims to have won the election,, after 8 months of asserting widespread fraud, yet being able to produce absolutely no evidence of it whatsoever (after 60 plus court challenges, and up to three and four vote recounts in battleground States)

    I guess I just don't understand why, as the one gentleman said, there seems to be this movement to quit when you're so close to the finish line, number one, and certainly not less significantly, the variant causing such shocking increases in hospitalizations. What I didn't understand was whether or not these hospitalizations include fully vaccinated people or not.

    And if people area intentionally not getting vaccinated, what is felt to be the reasons for that? I mean it's not like there are any Trump Republicans in the UK, to speak of, I wouldn't say. Is it just fear? Ignorance?

    Our two Nations are generally not so out of step when it comes to something this commanding in terms of import, something life or death in fact, we generally tend to converge under circumstances involving human well-being. I like to think we share a common sense, not in the least because my heritage is 100% British, but because it seems we've always been allies, every single time it counted, and as such, we have together made strong decisions and as a result, prevailed when it mattered most, together.

    I wish you all the best, that your leaders make decisions, clear-eyed and with the best available medical and scientific information.
    Cheering for you… And wishing you hope and health.

  • Eric Blair 1948

    BBC: "Cases! Cases! Cases!"
    Logical Person: "How many people are in hospital & dying from these cases?"
    BBC: "Shutup Covidiot"

  • Ste Ritson

    The scamdemic continues. Only the sheep and bed wetters and also the people who have no life want to stay locked down forever

  • DrQuadrivium

    At this rate there will be more 'cases' than people with no deaths. A good reason to have a 'long Covid' lockdown with everyone being jabbed every week. Think of the investors in the vaccines… protect them and have as many jabs as possible.

  • Claudia N

    Come on. The lock down has been ongoing for a while now. It wouldn't hurt to lengthen it a bit longer for the good of all. Unlock now and all the lock down trauma for the past would means nothing at all. Why Boris so illogical?

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