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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

The monthly enhanced child tax credit benefit is likely to be halted for January without an extension from Congress, according to the IRS. CBS News political contributor and Democratic strategist Antjuan Seawright joined CBSN to discuss the child tax credit’s impact so far and what could happen next.

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22 thoughts on “What the child tax credit enhancement means for families and the U.S. economy”
  1. Why are the tax credits being added to social security instead of being given to the parents living in Grand-ma's basement?

  2. If this is a life changing event of 250 extra. Work an extra day of over time lazy!! No-one will be lifted out of poverty dumb dumb! Democrats don't care for blk people wake up mr ear buds!

  3. I voted for Joe Biden to be my president to be our president of the United States that I thought he had good legs to stand on he was a good man. Now I'm realizing that he's not the president of the United States who has the balls to be president of the United States. If he lets Joe mansion due to the American public what he plans on doing I will never vote Democrat again.

  4. It does benefit everyone. Yeah republicans try to take credit for the Democrats achievements. the republicans will go before their constituents and brag about BBB; yet vote against it.

    Thank you Congressman Seawright, great interview and information. We need this passed to help all Americans.

  5. First of all you had the kids u pay for them I would like to have mansion does that mean tax payers pay for if u can't afford kids don't have them maybe the corporate America pay a wage u can raise family on I didn't have I shouldn't have to pay for them unreal how u people think there's to many people thats why u can't afford one on your own

  6. I need this to hit you America, and I hope it sinks in. Here in Britain, we made it crystal clear in our election, that we do not want 'middle class' progressive identity politics. You will NEVER guess what the BBC did to the nation, on Christmas day. It was crass, tacky and down right disrespectful. Do we really need this thrown in our faces ? Well there we go !!

  7. The child tax credit comes on your tax return, for everyone! Everything that they have received the past six months was an advance payment. So, when they file their 2021 taxes, and end up owing are they going to beg for forgiveness? Learn to budget people, more money has been handed out in the last 2 years than EVER before. God bless and get right.

  8. Crypto is the future, lot's of people will kick their legs finding out they world have joined the Crypto space now it's still affordable. It provides a lot of opportunities

  9. Why are single people who have raised their children and their children are now grown not able to get assistance?! Assistance is for anyone who is struggling or who meets poverty guidelines. While people were collecting unemployment benefits and sitting home, we singles were out working every day putting our lives and safety at risk making minimum wage! We never benefited from unemployment and only received the little stimulus checks which, by the way I have paid all of them back with the taxes I’ve paid this year out of my minimum wage check. We don’t make enough to afford the prices of living, yet we make too much for any assistance????!!!! We pay high taxes and barely have enough to meet all basic needs, yet we get no help because we don’t have children??!!! We can’t even get help with rent assistance because we don’t have children and all the Covid benefits have been taken away! This system needs to be revamped completely! Rules are being made as you go and the goal post is being moved every turn! Support those who stayed working and who are struggling no kids or not! Don’t penalize me because I have raised mine and their grown! I still need assistance with becoming stabled and better self sufficient!

  10. Manchin is not completely against the child tax credit. He just wants proof of employment and drug testing. I understand where he is coming from, but I honestly think majority of parents have good intentions of supporting their kids…that is just me though. I wouldn't mind providing proof of working, going to school. and negative drug tests to show that I'm a responsible parent to get that benefit.

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