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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Anti government protests have taken place across Kazaklhstan with some turning violent. The protests were sparked by an increase in a price cap on fuel but the unrest has spread to include other political grievances.

BBC Newsnight’s Gabriel Gatehouse explains the situation in Kazakhstan amid news that Russian-led troops will be deployed to help “stabilise” anti-government demonstrations.

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20 thoughts on “What is happening in Kazakhstan? – BBC News”
  1. Dear Macron, Merkel, and all of EUROPE!! Boris Jonson please HELP!!!! Tokaev must connect INTERNET .TOKAEV switch OFF INTERNET connection for ALL kazakhs…..MUST CONNECT normal FREEDOM INTERNET…..IT is HORROR what is happen now in KAZAKHSTAN!!! Soldiers KILLS peoples WITHOUT connection to INTERNET…. EUROPE please demand from TOKAEV immediately CONNECT INTERNET for alll people in KZ………….

  2. I don't see any protests. You show what is beneficial to you. Stop spreading lies, BBC. They have thousands of weapons, shooting and carnage going on everywhere. These are not peaceful protests, but complete chaos with purely political demands. They are controlled and used, by whom it is not difficult to guess. Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, now Kazakhstan? Which of these countries began to live better after the intervention of "democratic forces"? When will you stop? How tired I am of your lies, hypocrisy and double standards.

  3. Yes! It is their history is from their old times when they represented and habitually supported the government (themselves) and not the people they are supposed to support. Now at election time – make it possible to be able to vote for young ones with no past experience and make it possible to do this — if you are free??

  4. It's not about democracy. It's about money printing, inflation and soaring food prices. There are always 'colorful revolutions' when biological survival of people is at the stake and at the moment we're all in danger thanks to great leap forward 2.0 aka green transformation, great reset etc.

  5. Central Asian and Eurasian Steppes are special, fromMongolia to the Central Asian stans the land is famous for green green grass and the blue skies, evokes nostalgia.The land Ghenghis Khan and his contemporaries conquered and ruled.

  6. You, the citizens of America, live in such darkness that you have no idea what your government is doing around the world, where it is investing huge amounts of money just to create unrest, there is no worse government than your American one. You think that you are a democratic country, in fact there are no bigger occupiers in the world than you.

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  9. Coming to your Country SOON. And don't think it will. This is all about the Government and corporate businesses hiking prices. Vax mandates/passports, wages, corrupt Government, living the life of riley while screwing the people over. People have had enough, and the Government shoot first, don't ask questions after!

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