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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

As some scientists warn the UK is the early stages of a third wave, what impact could rising cases have on the ending of Covid restrictions? 
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The success of the UK’s vaccination programme does not mean that the battle with Covid is over, a scientist advising the government has said.

Prof Adam Finn said the country remained vulnerable as there were still large numbers of unvaccinated people.

There have been calls to delay ending Covid restrictions in England on 21 June amid warnings of a third wave.

Downing Street reiterated that the PM had seen nothing in the data to suggest the plan would need to be postponed.

A No 10 spokesman added: “We will continue to look at the data, we will continue to look at the latest scientific evidence as we move through June.”

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced Scotland’s next stage of lockdown easing would be paused for much of its central belt, with places including Edinburgh, Dundee and Stirling staying in level two.

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22 thoughts on “What impact could rising cases have on the ending of Covid restrictions? – BBC Newsnight”
  1. ZERO covid deaths in the uk…why wont the BBC report on this ? why is it only doom and gloom fear mongering ?


  2. When Nazi general was asked in a court room how did you do it? He reply, all you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger or to fear something . It works the same way in any country.

  3. I'm not a scientist or pretend to know it all, but can someone answer these question?
    If a Corona virus is the same virus that causes common cold, isn't a vaccine just pissig into the wind? I've heard throughout my life how a common cold can't be vaccinated against because of speed of mutation.
    If the vaccine is truly effective, why the pressure to get vaccinated? Surely the vaccinated will be safe, and it will be the non vaccinated that still run the covid guantlet. Isn't it your own choice?

  4. The greatest humans of 21 th century with modearn quantum physics and technology humans will suffer for what we done and the greatest nations will fall in future buddha

  5. Hesitation to blame China and the greed for a bowl of bad soup is leading some of the greatest countries and prominent personalities to lie to themselves and commit more crimes that history will never forgive them.

  6. Can you people stop testing to guess the future, none of us know the future. I think that is stressingeverybody so much. Abe turn the radio on, tv and talk to any one in the street all whst they talk e Corona virus.

  7. Have a look what said TOP 5 virologist in the world !!!
    – FALSE VACCINE , Masc is dangerous if you do not change it every 2 hours ( specific masc ) exaclly to protect you !
    Masc can save only the asthma and alergique people . Other news is Lie , and govvernemment wanna to get PROFIT £££££££

  8. I said it and MANY others said what was needed right at the start was a proper quarantine
    and not that wishy washy partial quarantine laughably called a lockdown.
    A real quarantine is what is still needed.

  9. As soon as health insurance companies start refusing those who have had Covid… What do you think?

  10. There will never be a “normal” again. The time of the that world is finished. What do you actually want to go back to? Working so the rich can keep making money from you? More pretending to make change by marching “peacefully” or what about a fake election where they tell you that you have a choice? Wake up!

  11. Like any virus it will disapear as quickly disapear after it has run it's natural course,just like the bubonic plague century's ago when there was no vaccine's!

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