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What happened to Simone Biles at the Tokyo Olympics women’s gymnastics team final

American gymnast Simone Biles withdrew from her final Olympics team competition in Tokyo on July 27, which ultimately lead to Team USA taking silver. Washington Post sports reporter Liz Clarke explains what happened. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: https://wapo.st/2QOdcqK

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  • Кот Центавра

    She just forgot to eat up the dope, as she always did. That's why she fucked up. Simone should eat less steroids

  • Thomas Landolt

    I am surprised to hear from Liz Clark such an analysis on Simone Biles. I mean Simone Biles is a great athlet but to call her the biggest name….globally is what I would call the US arrogance which nobody outside the US likes about them.. my respect to her decision

  • Bruce Powell

    we'll call BS on her mental health. She knew before Tokyo if she was freaking out or not. this is an excuse she uses for flaming out during the games since she screwed up many times. If she was in such a bad state, she shouldnt have gone and deprived someone more deserving to go.

  • mikthe2004

    FFS!! First Naomi Osaka and now this!!
    Listen people. Competitive sport is not a stress free activity, and at the higher levels the stresses are enormous.
    Sport is fun – until you compete, and competing is only fun if you win – or don't care if you lose.
    Sport is about improving and testing yourself, and the great joy of winning important and financially rewarding big events is only there because it is balanced against the devastation of losing.
    As an athlete you are going to face many tough times and trials, but if you become so afraid of losing that you are too scared to compete, then you need to reassess your motivations, and perhaps find a new career. Maybe Naomi and Simone should forgo their million dollar careers and become bus drivers – if they can handle the stress of that?? Toughen up princesses!!

  • Maped

    what a loser, she should push herself for the country. some people gave their life without the goal of receiving recognition on the beaches of normandy some years ago!

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