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What experts say about who has the world's best health-care system | Opinion

The U.S. health-care system is broken, but do other countries have it better? Seven leading health economists and public policy experts reflect on one of the hardest questions facing them — and us — today.

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  • Mr11ESSE111

    When this assholes put USA on this list then you know that this assholes dont know nothing or they are rich assholes which dont care !! USA spend most on healthcare from their budhet but seems only for pockets of wealthy doctors and pharmaceutic companies

  • Ahmad Idiris

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  • Nra,Morris G

    Remember Washington Post your girl that wants to talk about whiteness if any of my family or friends are hurt or killed because of your people Somebody's gotta pay the piper may God have mercy on your soul if that day comes.

  • mystical wind

    This video doesn't provide good answers to any of the pressing questions and yet it ends up obfuscating the whole debate about which countries has the better health care. In the end it sounded like a lot of propaganda and talking to make us believe that other countries don't have it right either and that the Americans should not learn from other countries health care. Typical American self exceptionalism. At the end of the day as a percentage of GDP the US spends a lot more than other countries yet the US is ranks near the bottom of all OECD countries. Washington Post does suck.

  • Agenzia delle Entrate

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    That’s as clear as mud, except for a lot of people the US is were you want to get your health care. What is a lot of people?

  • Tommy Lucas

    Fake news selling propaganda for Democrats everyone in America knows this and laughs at them really loud and alot……

  • Shadow Light

    Meanwhile my country giving
    Free treatment
    Free medicine
    And get best world health care…n still not in this list..sokey at least we just have to paid 2-3hunder just to delivery babies(normal) if u had c section..maybe lil bit higher like 6-8hundreds..and even u can get MRI scan free too

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