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Fashion and intrigue and giant rats all make an appearance in this scene from “Cruella.”

The sequence has the title character (Emma Stone) making a surprising entrance at an event thrown by the Baroness (Emma Thompson), a fashion mogul with a mean streak. Stone’s character has arrived with two of her cohorts, Horace and Jasper (Paul Walter Hauser and Joel Fry), in disguise to pull off a heist.

Spinning several plates in the scene, the director Craig Gillespie shows the formulation of the persona Cruella, tracks Horace and Jasper’s improvisational plan to cause a distraction, and makes use of dogs and rats (and dogs posing as rats) in creative ways.

In this video, Gillespie explains how he worked with Stone to capture a performance that had to include a level of “bad” acting for the character, and discusses the negotiations he had with Disney about how many rats would be too many for the scene.

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