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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Fashion and intrigue and giant rats all make an appearance in this scene from “Cruella.”

The sequence has the title character (Emma Stone) making a surprising entrance at an event thrown by the Baroness (Emma Thompson), a fashion mogul with a mean streak. Stone’s character has arrived with two of her cohorts, Horace and Jasper (Paul Walter Hauser and Joel Fry), in disguise to pull off a heist.

Spinning several plates in the scene, the director Craig Gillespie shows the formulation of the persona Cruella, tracks Horace and Jasper’s improvisational plan to cause a distraction, and makes use of dogs and rats (and dogs posing as rats) in creative ways.

In this video, Gillespie explains how he worked with Stone to capture a performance that had to include a level of “bad” acting for the character, and discusses the negotiations he had with Disney about how many rats would be too many for the scene.

Read the review here:
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11 thoughts on “Watch Emma Stone Become ‘Cruella’ | Anatomy of a Scene”
  1. No one cares about movies anymore boycott all entertainment venues we want all so called celebrities to go broke they help no one

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  3. Whenever the director has to explain the emotions and meaning of a scene they just admittied that are a horrible story teller and dropped the ball. Period. Looks like an insipid mess.

  4. The issue with casting Americans in British roles is they tend to act the accent more than they act the character. I have high hopes for this one. There could be an oscar in there for Emma. I hope Disney did not screw it up like they do everything else…. Wasn’t very impressed with what I just saw……..

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