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Virgin Galactic launches Unity 22 into space (LIVE) | USA TODAY

Sir Richard Branson and his crew launch into space aboard Virgin Galactic’s Unity 22.

Branson is due to take off from New Mexico, launching with two pilots and three other employees aboard a rocket plane carried aloft by a double-fuselage aircraft.

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  • Darren Cuba

    Elon probably posting the best tweet of his life tomorrow to get cryptos back up. The dip is just an opportunity to get more cryptos

  • SurfSkagitNEcoast

    Awesome, congratulations, lest find the way to put some of the money rich people will paid for a ticket on…, how about helping first to treat or cure cancer for those thousands of kids on earth, probably they also dreaming going to space in the future also!

  • Youtube person

    I would like these competing billionaires to collaborate and work on joint projects rather than measuring their dicks against the others. I think a joint Virgin Galactic / SpaceX / blue origin Mission could go to Mars. It's the best we can hope for, since NASA never gets appropriate funding to do anything cool

  • Ras Jahson

    Hmmm. With the amount of money he spent on this project he could have helped to end child hunger and homelessness in this country. Babylon priorities is in his own interest.

  • Don Wanderer

    As Much As I Admire Richard's Ethics & Sense Of Adventure, And As Astounding As This Flight May Seem, Today's Technological Feat Is Merely An Empty Accomplishment, One That Only Helps To Further Damage The Fragile Atmosphere Of The Planet, And Does Nothing To Truly Advance Science Or Provide Answers To The Pressing Issues Impacting The Planet.

    It's 95% Vanity & Showmanship. Far Better That We All Dream Of & Commit To Caring For The Earth – The Only Home Humanity Will Every Know.

  • Can you not can you not

    Y’all, money aside, billionaires aside, realize the fact that we live in an age in which we can pay to fly to space, this is no longer fantasy had since we landed on the moon back in the 60s. in the age we live in we are able to see fuckin commercials for a space flight. That’s just incredible.

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