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Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Vice President Kamala Harris pushed back against criticisms she’s received for not visiting the U.S.-Mexico border as she leads the White House’s efforts to address a surge of migration to the U.S.


Harris took her first trip abroad to Guatemala and Mexico, where she met with Guatemala President Alejandro Giammattei on Monday, and on Tuesday is meeting with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. The trip was part of her focus on addressing the root causes of why migrants from Central America are heading to the U.S.-Mexico border.

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30 thoughts on “Vice President Kamala Harris takes questions after meeting with Mexican President | USA TODAY”
  1. "Kamala gets softballed and, on the off chance she is asked something substantial, does her psycho laugh and deflects."

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  3. How stupid are you to ever listen to her? Camel Toe and Democrats are the Root Cause not Europe!

  4. A perfect example of why one should disregard race and gender and pick a partner solely based on merit. The radical left agenda is hell bent on favoring social justice (as defined by them) over merit and competence.

  5. They say the things they think we want to hear to get votes. They dont give a shit about nobody but their pockets, in order to do that they feed bullshit to ignorant people who would gladly turn the other way if they get a check. What doesnt make sense to me is that those same people hate donal trump just cuz hes trump. They never have a legitimate reason other than the parrot phrases that the media preached.

  6. Nice video I so much love it…… most people remain poor only because friends and relatives discouraged and advised them against investing and trading forex while the wise ones kept investing and going higher financially

  7. You lying hyena! You cheated democracy. Don't worry, the truth is on its way!!!!! Perfect closing words from Kamela. "Let's be who we say we are, how 'bout that?" I think that's a great idea Kamala.

  8. establish an anti-corruption task force? Lead by the corruption master herself? I don't think so. RE-EVALUATE!!! Her track record is California. Check it out. It's VULNERABLE population to the max, all living on the streets, or in squalor. Trash all over the streets, homeless, failing education, high crime…she's full of cacka.

  9. I wonder how it would go over if Trump went to the border and encouraged the border patrol? Just a thought.

  10. She won't even step foot at the boarder…do u really thinks she care about the AMERICAN people ? Think about that..over 140 days the AMERICAN people being WAITING for her to do that…WE SEE RIGHT THROUGH THESE PEOPLE …

  11. I'm no longer waiting for the stimulus check because i earn $22,090 every 14-16 days recently

  12. My boss never let me leave early to go vote because I was the only groomer. And when i finished the last bath of the day it was too too late to go vote.

  13. !When! The so-called G7 countries, the richest in the world, or developed, are going to understand that the best way to prevent poor people from fleeing their countries in search of better opportunities; It is leading the nations of origin: first, to ensure that governments are not corrupt. Second, establishing equal justice for all, without distinction of creeds or social elites. Third, creating leading-edge companies that provide jobs with fair wages and not poverty. Fourth, that they provide access to secondary and higher education to the poorest classes. Fifth, that they stop the arms sale business and that their representatives to the government are always elected, by true democracies representing all social classes and not the most economically powerful. THAT'S EASY YOU WOULD CONVERT, IF YOU WANTED, THIS WORLD IN COMPLETE PEACE.

  14. Translation: "We want to work with Mexico because when we killed Trump's Immigration Policies we have had historical record on immigration, an increased rate of crime, drugs smuggling on the southern border and Texas is on State of Emergency because we have no more cages to accommodate lonely children brought in by coyotes. So we are trying to understand why people want to come to the United States, because we suspect is Mexico's fault they let all these people through, and we have not f** clue of what to do without admitting Trump was right."

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