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US forces practicing nuclear attack on Russia (Full show)

The top military officers of Russia and the US met to discuss “security issues of concern,” including US bombers making sorties across Eastern Europe.(00:10) Meanwhile, President Biden is releasing the largest amount of the country’s strategic oil reserves in US history and releasing a global action plan to combat astronomically high gasoline prices. But the price at the pump may take weeks to go down. The national average of regular unleaded gas is $3.40. RT America’s John Huddy reports.

Then Peter Kuznick of American University and David Tawil of Maglan Capital join to discuss Biden’s unprecedented move and the intensifying acrimony between the US and Russia. (07:50)

Plus, the US presence continues in Eastern Syria, where the US still has 900 troops against the wishes of the internationally recognized government of President Assad. Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof shares his insights. He says they’re there to limit Iranian influence, protect the Kurds (whom Washington nurtures as a proxy) and to retain control of oil wells in the area. (15:41)

Then RT America’s Natasha Sweatte reports on NASA’s exciting and historic mission to test its experimental technology designed to change the trajectory of asteroids. The mission’s success would do much to assuage the fears of those worried about an asteroid hitting the Earth. (22:16)

00:00 Full Show
00:10 Nuclear Attack
07:50 Gas Prices & Russia
15:41 US Troops in Syria Latest
22:16 NASA’s Historic Mission

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  • Idiots guide to Idiocy

    Barroom threats out of a drunk at the end of a bar. Loudmouth until someone calls him out. Paper generals only worried about their pension and post military career with the contractors, unmotivated military. Good luck

  • Danko Kovačević

    Why are you showing General Gerasimov ( Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the RF) picture while you are talking about General Sergei Shoigu (Minister of Defence of the RF)!

  • Roger Melius

    I got 4 bags of groceries yesterday for $188.00!!! Maybe we need to start talking about another stimulus or UBI monthly until these prices go down.

  • Peet Fourie

    The US will not launch a nuclear attack on Russia . They are not fools . They know such action will be mutually destructive and the ensuing war will be unwinnable .

  • Che Guevara

    What a coincidence (NO ITS NOT), because the US said ordered NATO to lower the threshold for the use of Nuclear Weapons!
    Not that I am afraid, we all will be gone that's for sure!
    But the one pushing for the end of the world is the United States Washington Swamp and their most Swampy Creatures in Europe too (London, Brussels and the list downwards)!
    Some to show that they are good boys, some to deflect from their own domestic problems, some because they didn't look at the developments and defense capabilities of the last years (especially what Russia came up with to counter exactly such a attempt).
    But we live in a time of corrupt Warmongering crooks who have lost their fc*n mind!
    There are more consulting firms, think tanks and other grifters who are sucking taxpayer cash out of the system then there are peace groups in the world at all, war is profitable and it is a racket!
    Oh and China is not going to release any oil, and like the other countries like India or the other Asian countries too. They said "Strategic Reserves are not meant for such occasions, they are meant to be used in Crisis times!"
    Like the ramping up of the situation in the South China Sea for example!
    😂 😂 😂
    No wonder that they want to censor and shut down every other source of information!
    This information was a easy one, besides common sense, the countries gave a statement about the request by Biden!
    And the second reason is that OPEC+ announced that they will lower the production to the rate of the released oil, so if you release the oil from the reserves it will immediately shoot up again and you will have to pay more to fill them up again!

  • Eric Jarvie

    What has NASA finally learnt that anti-satellite weapons wiping out your social media and phone connection is not such an good idea?…And instead it's to offer humanity an space sheild defence system..Surely its an PR stunt to portray the agency as an super hero and not an villian it's DC comics stuff and?….If you believe that you'll probably believe anything after all what business does NASA have in saving you?

  • black Berry

    I throw no shade on OPEC they have lost a lot of money over the last 2 years and like any business they are trying to make up and they also know that the world is going green so there getting there profits while they still can what would you do exactly the same do i like paying more at the pump no what to do unless your a commercial entity doing delivery's in large trucks make your next car electric and get yourself some solar panels for your home and cut some of these cost yourself

  • Sonny Dayz

    Great, NASA is gonna have Hollywood create more cgi of one of their "missions" & the taxpayer's will get more of their money stolen. 🤔😒

  • Inu Wood Dog

    13:25 Both sides? It's always a one sided aggression and smear campaigns.

    If the US put down their weapons today, nobody will start a war. If Russia and China put down their weapons, the US will go on and conduct genocides as always.

  • Sonny Dayz

    This is all a political created situation, with a prepared solution to where the politicians involved look like heros. It's all fake.

  • 권순정

    If US war mongers start a Nuke attack, the whole US mainland as well as all the overseas US military bases is the "TARGET"
    also !!!
    No winner, all losers.

  • KH Chan

    It's crazy that America continues to provoke other nations. The war machine needs conflict to continue to be relevant. This lobby is too strong, influential and dangerous.


    Don't complain about fuel prices. It's $8.50 a gallon in Australia. Australia used to have good prices till the government stopped working for the people.

  • U.P. dan

    War or lose the reserve currency status? War or lose reserve currency status AND that big fat military pension with all those millions from the defense contractors? Catch 22.

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