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Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

A study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences earlier this year set out to answer the question of just how much topsoil has been eroded in the Corn Belt, which stretches from Ohio to Nebraska and produces 75% of the nation’s corn. Their findings indicate that the region might have already lost a whopping 35% of the precious resource. Even worse, topsoil depletion is happening at an alarming pace around the globe. The Resident discusses.

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19 thoughts on “US corn belt has lost third of its critical topsoil”
  1. People like Joel Salatin have been preaching how to build soil for a while now. To put it overly simplified: you want to turn dirt into soil, then you gotta get roots growing in it, and you gotta let that carbon the plants build themselves out of get back into the dirt.

  2. Have people ever heard of the dust bowl and it was not corn flakes cereal that mikee likes. And when Yellowstone super volcano gos of welall will get a new layer of topsoil

  3. Alright… first of all… big apology to Saskia, I missed one of your video 3 days ago: "Mixed signals from the EU: Cooperate with Moscow, but expel diplomats" and I don't even know how that's possible???

    But I'll make it up to you in my next comment thor you!

    So… ok… this is the last comment before the weekend… so the pressure is up!

    I think medusa and fuhrer are bluffing… they try to appear scary and confident… but they are scared and they are confused… so they fight together… which saves me the trouble… my… they are freaking unique… I don't think this situation could repeat anywhere else in the world… you got to complete psychopaths… who absolutely hate each other… yet they manage to stay to getter … for the better or thor the worse… and… I don't even know how this happened… even after three and a half decade of knowing them… so… yeah… not the best in-laws … let me hell U

    Ok… I'm not too sure where to go… I just vape… but there is this freaking delay… so… but I haven't been completely crazily stoned lately… it seems that we are going through a dark stage… or the vibration feels dark somehow… is it because of Israel and Gaza? … I don't think so…. If I look at my parents… I realise that unless they are put down, they will never stop being evil… so… it's a bit like that with the Matrix… you can't change it… you just got to end it… it's question of pressing the right butt on

    So… ok… that being said… it's truly amazing the amount of people who falling for the trick… I looked (briefly) at Peter Lavel the other day… my… this guy is a dinosaur of the internet … like Max Keiser who have been surviving for ten years online (I know it's nothing compare to you Lori)… but Max and Stacy are fantastic… Peter Lavel has lost his soul… on the other hand… or is it… on the other hand… Peter Lavel has lost his soul… which one is better…. the first or the second one?

    Ok… well… since the weed has just kicked in… let's see where I land… hum… well… I was saying that we are going through a dark phase… yeah… I don't think that's going to end before July… beginning of July… because they are getting desperate out there… but every time they pull a move… they reveal some of their secrets… so… let's encourage them … shall we?

    Come on baddies… show us what you got in the baggies!

  4. In 2014 they were told how to reverse top soil loss while addressing nitrogen hypoxia but the university wanted the money spent on studies not labor based solutions so they could say "there are no jobs, go get in debt with the university so they can study how to create jobs".

  5. In West-Europe 70% – 90% of the prison population is islam.

    In the prisons they only serve halal meals.

  6. Bad Farming techniques and Roundup destroying the soil microbes and nutrients …. lets use common sense and stop trusting bad science (corporate paid off research)

  7. I am getting very tired of news about shortages. A little while ago there was a food shortage and at about the same time farmers were burying thousands of tons of potatoes. Now there is a soil shortage as well as a sand shortage. For many years there has been too many people but now they are complaining that there are not enough children are being born.

  8. These are the end times klaus schwab was predicting. Now he'll say it's time to round up the poors and move them into smart cities.

  9. We're back to the 1930's dust bowl erra again! Back when corporations over farmed, and destroyed the soil that enabled the wind to blow the soil away, and my moms family and thousands of other farm families had to move out of Oklahoma or DIE!!! Thanks bought politicians for letting your owners destroy our country AGAIN!!!😡

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