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US airstrikes deadlier than Pentagon admits (full show)

Newly leaked Pentagon papers show that the US airstrikes across the Middle East have killed thousands of civilians, including many children. According to the New York Times, 50K missile attacks in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria resulted in 1300 casualties over a 5-year-period. The bombshell report now causing concern among many. RT America’s Trinity Chavez has more. (1:08) Then former Pentagon official Michael Maloof and former UK MP George Galloway join a panel to share their perspectives. (4:01) The global concern over the use of ‘killer robots’ just got scarier—after a United Nations conference on the subject matter—failed to agree on putting restrictions on these lethal weapons. So what could this mean for future warfare? RT’s Mollye Barrows brings us this report. (11:13) Then, media director and chief social media officer for Agora Brands Group Inc. an AI technology company Kevin Mason weighs in. (14:10)

00:00 – FULL SHOW
01:08 – Pentagon Cover-Up
04:01 – Discussion with Michael Maloof and George Galloway
11:13 – Killer Robots
14:10 – Discussion with Kevin Mason

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  • steven preston

    UsS soldiers are cowards that's why they use droids ( escaping in the middle of the night in Afghanistan is a living proof of how omighty strong the US military is……what a joke ), so different from their movies, reality vs American Dream.🤣🤣🤣

  • aldane reynolds

    their is no war in the middle east that for sure and everything the us does was on purpose for terrorism and imperialism and yes normal weak minded ppl think going into the military and being soldier makes you strong but no it does not your just a long hand for the a few to benefit to farther the suffering a thug, a terrorist and at the same time when ppl like these around have a chance to kill you out of anger of justice like they did 2 usa soldiers that were down in turkey in a local area for making trouble were capture by the local ppl and rip apart with cars Mexican cartel style that video was scrub from one break tv etc reddit due to the question it will bring to the public eye is what their doing that and why are those soldiers were their for most of you ppl down in the comments commending the same soldiers etc ppl who keep says '' im marine of the military and is unacceptable etc etc '' you need to stop it their nothing to be proud about it or he or her that in another country breaking the amendments acting as if their legit heros when most of the country dont even see whats going on AND that gose for the same '' marine of the military '' that keep saying that shit like its a motto you need to shut the fuck up and get to stepping to stop and tear down the military / government if you really want to bring peace i couldn't care less what your circumstances are why you join and being fodder for those soldiers who maybe reading this and laughing keep laughing cuz their a bullet and knife with your name on it just make sure you dont get to be put in a coffin and put 6 feet under just to be forgotten and turn to dust as time goes on your time will come if you keep aiding in this slaughter

  • Albert Chu

    All this countries should do the same by bombing US so that they can enjoy the same treatment as what US have done. This is called an eye for and eye. US are a warmonger and troublemaker must be punished for what they have doing all this decades. US definitely are murderers and millions of innocent peoples have been killed by this war criminals !!! Justice are not done as long this troublemakers are not punished.

  • WM Pig

    Cannot trust what America says. She always lies to protect the mischieves. No American is guilty and has to be responsible. That is always the outcome.

  • George Sais

    The US will not do anything. It cannot do anything for it is an empire and it has to show its power and dominance. It does not recognize the war crimes tribunal if it has anything to do with the U S. Assange is being tortured in Prison for years and that is proof that the empire does not care.

  • Wen Tai

    Each time US kill civilians, US create many haters who may become future enemies so that the wars never end to keep the demand of weapons perpetual !!!

  • Bruce Leroy Bell

    And these US hypocrites want to point the finger at China and Russia. Such an evil, minaical nation. They must be held accountable for their atrocity. How can you kill so many innocent civilians children, babies and not be held accountable? where is the justice?

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