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Tuesday, May 24News That Matters

UN warns of “full-scale war” as Israel-Palestinian violence intensifies – BBC News

The United Nations is warning of the risk of “full-scale war” as the clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinians continue.

Israel’s Prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, warned Palestinian militants that this was just the beginning, threatening to strike with “blows they haven’t dreamed of”.

The United States is sending a senior diplomat to the Middle East to urge Israelis and Palestinians to end the violence.

At least 65 Palestinians including 15 children and six Israelis are reported to have been killed since the fighting began.

In the past few days Palestinian militants have fired barrages of rockets into Israel, many aimed at Tel Aviv. Israel has carried out a heavy bombardment of Gaza launching hundreds of air strikes.

Tensions have been growing in Jerusalem, partly due to a long-running threat to evict Palestinians from their homes in occupied East Jerusalem in an area claimed by Jewish settlers.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Tom Bateman in Jerusalem, Rushdi Abualouf in Gaza and Caroline Hawley.

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  • Amit Padhye

    If Palestinian are so poor and in bad shape from where they are firing 1000 missiles to Israel….. Israel has full right to defend itself….

  • coming going

    it will be like an army of Muslims, Franks, Byzantium, and the Gauls, and north Africa, and Iberia; this army is pretty diverse the only object is to restore the middle east from the damage of the present regimes

  • meh

    I hope US doesn’t get involved
    USA doesn’t need to get into another war
    over another country’s problems that has nothing to do with US

    Israel should be on its own
    we have no obligation to them and they don’t really help as an ally
    my only foreign brothers are Canadians, UK, Japan, South Korea and various other EU & SA countries i’d gladly die for them if need be
    fuck the rest

    Remember the USS Liberty

  • M j

    Civilians including children have been killed on both sides it's heart breaking and I sincerely wish that both sides would de escalate the conflict and embrace peace and solve their issues diplomatically.

  • coming going

    eventually we will return to the sword and the knights will come were not gonna listen to your parliament your not gonna be in any position to give orders to the knights we follow GOD

  • Jeson Tjowari

    The problem is both countries couldn't stop isn't it?
    If Israel stops, Hamas will bombs Tel Aviv out of oblivion, if Hamas stops then Israel will also bombs Palestine out of oblivion.
    They both need outside intervention, but if US intervene then Russia or probably China will intervene as well.
    And if some middle east countries intervene, it would probably ends with war with Israel again.

  • Hend Sami

    The zionist occupation of Palestine must stop. The world needs to see israel as the apartheid state it is and do something to stop it

  • coming going

    Palestinians will be saved eventually they will be given their due respect
    maybe not today but later and that time will be many nations against one nation and there will be each a sword and a horse and the knights will return in that time your not on tv the resources of earth are highly depleted man become very bitter

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