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Ukraine invasion fears grow as Russian troops mass on border – BBC News

Russia has for weeks been massing troops and tanks on the Ukrainian border. Ukraine has said it fears an invasion and along with Poland and Lithuania is calling for more western sanctions against Russia.

A joint statement by the countries accuses Russia of aggression and urges NATO to take action.

Russia denies that it is preparing an invasion and in turn accuses the West of threatening Russia’s security through NATO expansion.

Reeta Chakrabarti presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Moscow correspondent Steve Rosenberg.

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  • Guilherme SSTrüeb

    Some years ago Russia tried to enter Nato, the USA said NO. What could Europe or even the World looks like if Russia was a ally.?

  • Wusong Liao

    Thank you Russia for defeated Nazi Germany, so we are not under the white supremacists rule. Once again Russia is standing up against a few white supremacy want to bomb and destroying brown people…
    Thank you Russia for stand up against bully

  • Liveasifyouweretodietomorrow

    Here is a prior warning to all Americans( and the rest of the world ). I thought Cold War was over. I was completely wrong. Actually it's not. 🙁

    " I want to warn Americans. As a people, you are very naive about Russia and its intentions. You believe because the Soviet Union no longer exists, Russia now is your friend. It isn’t, and I can show you how the SVR is trying to destroy the US even today and even more than the KGB did during the Cold War."

    Sergei Tretyakov, former colonel in Russian Foreign Intelligence, the SVR, stationed in New York.

    References: 1. Wikipedia 2. PUTIN’S PEOPLE How the KGB Took Back Russia and Then Took on the West by Catherine Belton

  • Tali1562

    Fuck NATO they support the spread of degeneracy and demographic change. Fuck NATO. I never imagined supporting Russia but they are the lesser evil.

  • Sean lewis

    What about omricon and the pandemic, we are not allowed to go to war, stay at home, wash our hands, save lives, protect the NHS.

  • perkunlitewski

    Germany is pushing ww3 with Nord Stream! Russian-German Deal in the 17-18th Century Destroyed two Powerful countries – Swedish Empire and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. This Racist Policy was continued – that's why Finland was invaded and ww2 started from the Soviet-NAZI Germany invasion of Poland.
    German master race ideas pushed Nord Stream to give Russia a lot of European money. Scandinavia, Poland, Baltic States and half of Europe opposed it. D.Trump blocked it…till Biden, who was so smart that he lifted sanctions on German companies involved in this war mongering project,
    The whole idea is – Russia can attack Ukraine, Baltic States or Finland, Sweden or Poland without any issues for Germany. Business as usual! Right?
    No, You will regret it! Poland salutes Ukraine and we will help You.
    All the Best for Finland or Sweden – I hope You will join Nato before it is too late.

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