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Wednesday, May 25News That Matters

U.S. report finds no evidence UFOs were alien spacecraft

A long-awaited government report on UFOs found no evidence that the objects came from outer space. But the objects remain unidentified. David Martin has the details.

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  • allday everyday

    At least they have been identified as aerial (uap)and not flying (ufo) that percent of the brain we we're all ways told we don't use there it is, you better not pout you better not cry

  • JCS

    I'm not interested to know that they don't know what they are, I want to know what the DOD knows about them, which is for sure far more than what they are letting us believe.

  • Prometheus

    Then they're either incompetent, or lying. Which one do you think it is?
    Aliens is the ONLY conclusion. Stop playing stupid. They've known exactly what they are, and have been working with them for a half century.

  • jerry sanders

    Bunch of horseshit- designed to distract from all the horrid destruction and failure happening in the country and worldwide for that matter.

  • Steadno 2006

    When the 1990s health shake network marketing seminar promises a free satellite dish…but it's just a coupon instead

  • Jason Cook

    You should probably change the title to this. Aliens are not ruled out, and you titled this like aliens are ruled out. Get it right and don't use headlines to lie.

  • Nathan Banos

    They are really trying to delay the inevitable. I highly doubt that it’s drones, because of how fast some of these other videos are saying that the objects are going and the maneuvers they were pulling. But, I’m just one guy, so I’m definitely not one to listen to. Still, they’re most certainly aliens lol.

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