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U.S., global allies condemn China for "malicious cyber activities"

The U.S. is joining allies around the world to call out the Chinese government for a series of cyber intrusions. U.S. officials say China was responsible for an attack on Microsoft’s email server. Nancy Cordes reports.

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  • pedro

    People definitely overestimate China’s position here. They depend greatly on the US’s money while the opposite is not true. If the US wanted to end all trade with China and force a return of its private assets to the mainland, it could do that. There is a large enough and wealthy enough consumer base in the US alone to buy products. There is also the infrastructure to support manufacturing capacity. US has a large skilled workforce, that is why it is so expensive for these companies. But it could be done. All the old factories could simply go back into operation. Also the biggest vulnerability of China is American agriculture. We have the most productive farmland and most acreage for farmland in the entire world generating a major agricultural surplus. This surplus is sold to feed China. China relies heavily on this. The next most productive farmland is in India, which is an American ally. Those 1.4 billion people need to eat. China would face civilizational collapse if the US and allies decide to stop feeding it. Sure we would have higher costs for goods, but the economic boon from returning manufacturing and economic growth would like kickstart wage growth. US has such an upper hand here that it almost frustrates me how we are not using it. Maybe the next President will.

  • Ariaga II

    And we have the perfect administration to handle this. The US will announce later today that China will have to sit in the ‘naughty chair’ and have a 10 minute timeout to think about what they’ve done. C’mon man.

  • Chase Jackson

    Until they all pull their businesses from China and make it illegal to do business there this will keep happening, until they do this then they are nothing but talking.

  • Ilike batsoup

    Oh no! Pooh and friends get another sort of angry letter from the nurtured world. I just hope they asked them their preferred pro-nouns to address them correctly and not make any assumptions to avoid any cultural misunderstandings.

  • Bob Pyne

    If other countries were truly a sovereign thing, you’d think everyone would gang up on China.
    Wish geopolitics were that simple.
    I wish cultural tolerance played less of a role in being gaslighted on this level.
    We’d have been at war a year ago if everyone wasn’t psychologically scrambled.

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