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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

US President Biden concludes a tet-a-tet with Ukrainian President Zelensky. Biden is saying US troop won’t intervene unilaterally on Ukraine’s behalf in the event of an armed Russo-Ukrainian conflict. Meanwhile a Ukrainian ship entered Russian territorial waters and provoked a disturbing cat-and-mouse exchange before finally withdrawing. Former Naval intelligence officer John Jordan and Prof. Dan Kovalik share their analysis of the fraught geopolitical situation and Biden’s response.

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28 thoughts on “Two days after Putin talk Biden finally calls Zelensky”
  1. This idiotic guy JJ, does not respect the Crimean Referendum, but accepts Hawaii taken by the US by gunpoint. If this guy used to be an intelligent officer of whatever in the USA, makes me LOL.

  2. What a lot of confused talking!! If Russia say they arnt planning for a Ukrainian invasion and Nato and America say the same thing, the question arises why all the military built ups???

  3. It’s the USA pushing to instigate a war. Putin isn’t complying with a war. USA are threatening Russia and using Ukrain to infiltrate Russian borders.

  4. John…‘foreign ships do sail near naval bases off the coast of Hawaii…’. C’mon John, there’s a stark contrast between the odd ship wandering pass a naval base and a co-ordinated military exercise with dozens of warships from multiple countries at China’s doorsteps. Tell me again that US would not be upset if China, Russia and Iran were to conduct a multi-day co-ordinated naval exercise in the Gulf of Mexico.

  5. Both Biden and Zelensky are well-known Clowns and comedians. So, naturally they must have cracked a few jokes, like, 'Hey Zel, what up between you and Russia. Hey Joe we need some food and heat'. ' Can you do your best or get Putin to send in some alms?'

  6. The only thing left for Ukraine do is to honour the Minsk agreement and negotiate Donbas autonomy! Otherwise Russia will enforce it

  7. John John, can you kindly share the warships that Soviet send during the Cold war and what war ships that US currently have in South China Sea?? You are comparing a puppy with a Pitbull! Despite your best effort in toning down your arrogance after blowing up and blindly accusing George on air, your statements have no substance at all and it's so obvious you are trying hard to get both US and Russia to be buddies and faced off China but you and others failed so miserably it's hilarious!

  8. USAwarmonger full of lies and deceit wants war with Russia and desperately needs it's Western European errand boys on board. Come on top dog Go to war with Russia alone

  9. Russia and China knows the US ship is sinking and every way it's trying to keep afloat is hilarious and it's allies will sink with it.

  10. US regime is hell bent on stirring troubles purely to sell its armaments It is morally bankrupt and not bothered with the loss of lives in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia that it stokes.

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  12. Send Boris Johnson and the allies over there to talk to Ukraine like they did during their last visit invading and using chemical weapons. Ukraine loves England and their fellow army friends that love invading. Nazism doesn't change a thing when it comes to the prior dirty tricks of using chemical weapons on Ukrainians. Oh right everyone is political yah right.

  13. Why does America alway's go to the conflict and war solution to every problem. If a country does have a problem with another country it's usually the big countries squabbling over financial gain for the rich of their country, using troops just result's in deaths, destruction of people and planet. It would be much more financially profitable to find other solutions that can help humanity and the planet, instead of killing for greed.

  14. Ukraine is not a NATO member but the US President is going to impose destructive sanctions on Russia for invading Ukraine. Sanctions are also an act of war. Moreover , there are thousands of NATO troops inside Ukraine. What are they doing there since Ukraine is not a NATO member?

  15. This is staged, nothing will come out of all this UKRAINE/ NATO . USA blinken will walk down the isle with Russia Lavrov, hand in hand in a RECONCULIATION then there will be honeymoon. Russia will not support PRC in Asia CHINA will ALONE. have to stand up to USA/ UK/ ALL ALLIES

  16. I just try to be open minded to John Jordan but after his first sentence I stop RT Clip

    RT had changed with more news anchors and move closer to MSM – seems like everything reside or operate in US are deteriorating with the land

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