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Turmoil in South Africa: Violence, looting & destruction (Full show)

Cuba and Haiti are also roiling with protest, with the latter still reeling from the assassination of its president. But US Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas, in an apparent reversal of his earlier stance, says the US won’t accept anyone fleeing Haiti or Cuba by boat. RT America’s John Huddy reports. Then immigration attorney Allen Orr shares his expertise. (01:20)

Meanwhile, South Africa has exploded into the worst political violence since the apartheid era following the sentencing and imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma. RT’s Paula Slier reports from the scene. (04:00)

In California, parents and others exposed to .a widely-used and toxic pesticide, have filed suit against Dow Chemical. They claim that it causes brain damage in children and fetuses. Legal analyst Mollye Barrows joins News.Views.Hughes to discuss. (13:11)

Plus, as many ordinary families struggle to make ends meet, world-famous luxury auction house Christie’s saw sales reach over $3.5 billion in the first half of 2021. “Boom Bust” co-host Christie Ai shares her insights. (20:29)

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  • Jeorge

    US is the champion of double standards, It talks of Human Rights when it has something to gain and keeps silent otherwise. Nice policy.

  • robert alexander ho

    A method to ligitimize virtual world.

    What is real and what is not.
    What is truth and what are lies.
    What is good and what is bad.

    Is this what World Economic Forum meant as the global reset? Everyone will have nothing but will be happy?

  • robert alexander ho

    Cryto currencies are a scam, the bitcoi. Is air. Therefore all these associated products are to materialise air into matter.

  • Jeorge

    Now where is America's response on Human Rights violations when it doesn't even allow neighboring refugees to enter US?

  • robert alexander ho

    One has to analyse…. Where are the refugees Coming from???? Places where America has intervened, caused regime cha gea, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, etc… The nation that has destroyed their Resoe rive nations.

  • kevin the great

    The so-called champion of human rights USA discriminate Cubans & Haitians to seek American dream but allow only Muslims from Xingjian of China to seek American dream. Sounds funny?

  • branden burks

    Cuba has the same nuclear weapons that they had in 1962. And they still work. The United States will never have Cuba. They can still use those weapons. The United stares has better gone. Don’t let people start thinking…

  • Tom da Silva

    Given that it is the U.S., exclusively, that has long been manufacturing misery in Haiti, Cuba and all across Central and South America, it must welcome all refugees, with open arms… Plus, all the refugees, by the U.S. manufactured, in the Middle East…

  • Steve Jefferson

    Have you ever seen the white rich rioting in South Africa? and why should they…they got the biggest slice of the CAKE….its obvious

  • PK Wong

    It just goes to show. You cannot trust America. Create a refugee problem in the Americas and refuse the refugees from coming into the US. Same thing is happening in Afghanistsn when it abandoned the Afghans who had assisted the Americans in fighting the Talibans. The USA should demolish the Statute of Liberty. Truly the light on the hill has been extinguished and God has abandoned America.

  • HandsomeGuy

    . US-CIA NED Africa is playing/funding these riots/killings😨❗
    ,,, because South Africa is a China-BRI member of 140 countries🤪, and you can surely expect "US-CIA NED" will be there to sow terror/death like what it did in Pakistan killing 13 people( 9 Chinese Engineers) just days ago😱❗

  • Radio027

    lol… Sound like it was not USA citizens fault….. Lol… You voted them remember? Stop playing innocent it was not your fault. You voted them.
    Western democracy is fake, no matter how much you change your shitty presidents, the main policy still same war is the priority and disturbing foreign countries securities…… Lol
    Its like its the drugs fault to cause you addiction, but why you accepted it in the first place when you already know it's dangerous…. Lol….

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