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Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

The New York attorney general’s two-year civil probe into the Trump Organization is now a criminal investigation. Here’s what we know so far. RELATED:

ALBANY, N.Y. – State Attorney General Letitia James joined forces with Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, who has been leading a long-running criminal investigation into Donald Trump and his family business interests, dramatically escalating the potential legal jeopardy facing the former president and his associates.

For more than two years, James had been investigating Trump and his company as part of a civil inquiry after former Trump attorney Michael Cohen claimed they fraudulently boosted property values to obtain tax breaks and better terms on loans and insurance.

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30 thoughts on “Trump Organization investigation turns criminal: Here's what we know | Just the FAQs”
  1. They haven't found anything against Trump when he was in office. Why won't they leave him alone and probe into bidens crimes…

  2. the real Credit of palestenian Isreal quick ending go the Trump new ideaology removing replacing Isreal first to American First and do not destroy american hard working money in war specially war for the security of Isreal. once again Biden proved that old snake is more posion by helping to Isreal with money in corona Virus pendemic Even though many Americans lost their jobs poverty increasing american debt reached to 28T$ and china defeating USA in every type of war.

  3. There is a very strong and powerful man😇 who helped me bring back my ex-husband who left me a few months ago, and now my ex-husband is back. I am very grateful.

  4. I just thought about this, if he goes to jail, which at this point is a HUGE possibility, he will no longer be eligible for any of the perks that come with being a former president such as secret service protection, a library in his name, a pension, NOTHING! That's just awesome.😊

  5. Wow… look at this non-story with literally no information. Just more fufufufufufu-feeeeelings.

  6. Hopefully the payments that he made Stormy Daniels through the Trump is part of the investigation.

  7. This is the American version of imprisoning of the former leader. No different than a despot throwing his predecessor in prison. This is a political assassination.

  8. Interesting and the Banks drop Trump for his lack of business transparency. The dots are starting to line up. Maybe they will look at Trump's campaign funds again over the 1.6 billion spent.

  9. a witch hunt”for 2024 if they can do this to a man like Trump????…imagine what they can AND WILL do to us…????

  10. They just want Trump to shut up and go away. They will make up a case to discredit this man.

  11. New York is more concerned with Donald Trump's tax return than the fact that their governor assaulted multiple women and is responsible for 15,000 deaths In his state… which he lied about and tried to cover up while making $5000000 writing a book about what he actually didn't do… by putting people infected with covid and two nursing homes. Let that sink in.

  12. I honestly hope they do finally find something Trump did that was illegal since they have spent millions and millions of taxpayer dollars making up stories and failing to provide any evidence to back them up.

  13. The moral to this story is that you can do whatever you want, including having your crackhead son buy hookers with money he got from Russia, as long as you aren't a Republican.

  14. Jimolee's YT, Yes he would. It would be like me hustling you if I even bet that he would go to jail. Because I believe God when He tells me personally & He don't often do that unless it is important for me to hear it.

  15. "Two years in the making"? Uh hu, So every week day for 2 years they worked on this? More like a few hours every few months, maybe, and the results? Endless accusations. Will see the NY ag/da find someone who they can scare while offering a walk free deal if they tell them what they want to hear. Truth in an attack on the GOP by soros funded political hitman? Yeah, this is genuine…

  16. USA Today should title all their trump hit pieces: "We don't like trump and don't want him in 2024".

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